Conservation In and Outside the Home

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Performing repairs to your home has become easier and more affordable than ever before, so you may be able to do many projects yourself. On top of the economic and ecological benefits of renovating your home to make it more energy-efficient, this should provide further motivation to take up such projects. Explore improvements you can make to your home to find out how you can conserve energy and make your home more efficient.

  • The Energy Guy
    • The Energy Guy offers tips and guidance for saving energy at home and away from home.
  • Cloverdale Housing
    • Learn about housing available in Cloverdale, California, by exploring information provided on this page.
  • Seven Oaks Elementary Science
    • The educators at Seven Oaks Elementary have compiled a list of science resources to help students learn about energy.
  • Energy Facts
    • Implementing energy savings in your home can make you more comfortable while using less energy.
  • Children's Garden
    • Children can be involved with many aspects of gardening, including working the soil, planting plants, watering, and weeding.
  • PPN Professional Links
    • The American Society of Landscape Architects has compiled a list of professional links about ecology, restoration, historic preservation, planting design, and more.
  • School Gardens
    • Plan a school garden by visiting these websites with plentiful gardening information.
  • Home Improvement Program
    • Explore the city of Sterling Heights's home improvement program to learn about available assistance.
  • Home Improvement Scams
    • Don't fall prey to home improvement scams from individuals aiming to take your money without delivering quality services.
  • Home Improvement Schemes
    • Arizona's attorney general provides information for consumers about avoiding home improvement scams.
  • Home Loans
    • The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs shares information about home loans.
  • Guide to Home Improvements
    • Learn about how to orchestrate home improvements in a safe and effective manner with a reputable contractor.
  • Focusing on the Family
    • A number of home improvements and repairs can make a home more pleasant for a family.
  • Kitchen and Bath Design
    • This certificate program prepares professionals to work within the kitchen and bath design industry.
  • Home Improvements
    • St. Louis Community College offers a variety of courses about home improvement.
  • Home Improvement Program
    • Explore the city of Arcadia's home improvement program to learn about eligibility parameters.
  • Home Improvement
    • Learn about Michigan's licensing laws for home improvement contractors.
  • Home Decorating
    • Anyone working to decorate a home will need to use math to perform the work.
  • Home Improvement Program
    • Residents of Torrance, California, may apply for a home improvement program, which can help with home repairs.

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