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The term "tree hugger" comes from the act of hugging trees as a nonviolent method of protesting their removal. This is historically a practice associated with environmental activists, conservationists, or other concerned individuals who choose to use their bodies as a shield. There are some who use this label as a derogatory term, particularly those who reject the idea that trees and other natural resources are in danger from over-consumption. Some conservationists, however, embrace the term, as it is their wish to protect these resources for future generations and to preserve nature's fragile balance.

Protecting trees from deforestation is crucial, as they provide numerous benefits to the environment and to human and animal life. For trees and forests, conservation means developing sustainable forestry practices, laws, and regulations. Efforts should reduce the annual number of trees that are felled for their lumber and to create space for farming and human growth. From this desire to protect the environment and natural resources comes Earth Day. Every April, people celebrate the earth by committing to practices that are environmentally friendly. For some, this means educating people on the loss of natural resources and how to conserve them. Others celebrate Earth Day by actively planting new trees at home or by joining groups that plant them at public locations such as parks or schools. On a daily basis, people can help conserve the environment by reducing the use of products made of paper. Reusing or repurposing used items can help reduce the need to create new things that consume natural resources. Recycling is also an important action that people who want to improve their conservation efforts can take.

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  • Tree Roots and Sewer Line Intrusion (PDF): Click this link to read a document about protecting sewer lines from tree roots. It explains the problem and offers solutions and tutorials regarding diagnosing, preventing, and fixing problems with root intrusions.

The base of the Stagg tree in the Alder Creek Grove. Located in Giant Sequoia National Monument, Sierra Nevada, California.
Credit: Bradluke22 - Public Domain

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