By Sander of  the Linden

In the early morning of 25 augusts 1957 two men drew, provide with camera’s, the Mohavewoestijn at loose Angelos in. Their aim was UFO’s observe and these to film and photographs. One of the men, Trevor Howard Constable, a respected author of aviation books had been confessed and for its biography of Erich Hartmann, wereldberoemde pilot from WO I. Constable had touched interested in the work of scientist will helmet Reich and his discoveries in the field of bioenergy, by Reich ‘orgone’ energy called. According to Reich this energy is responsible for living on our planet and can with certain equipment be manipulated.

Reich discovered also that during proefnemingen with these equipment in free nature he did not stipulate earlier observed phenomena attracted, which he kept responsible for the ufo perceptions. According to Reich these phenomena life forms earlier not discovered were which lived in the higher layers of our atmosphere. Reich became among other things these statements and researches in the field of the orgone energy as a scientist no longer have been seriously taken. Later he touched in diskrediet and died eventually in the prison. Constable want gladly foto’s make of these UFO’s and the men stalks their equipment on.

Constable carried out a certain exercise, which aimed at joining energy on one spot the orgone and thereby UFO’s to attract. After a couple Constable an enormous entity in the atmosphere perceived minutes above him, which he could however only feel. There was see nothing. To be comrade made rapidly a number of infraroodfoto’s. After development of the film proved to be there in ventilates itself above Constable a giant being to be, which seemed most still on an enormous amoeba, completely with nucleï and vacuolen (to see foto’s). In the first place were two disappointed because they had thought real flying of photographing dishes. After still what desert sessions appeared however that they were also able these fix dishes, with the traditional klokvorm, on infra-red film. With the naked eye however continued there, outside a vague rimpeling in the atmosphere, observe nothing. Constable thought long and hard after concerning its discoveries and did report of its perceptions in the book ‘They live in the sky’ (1958).

In this book Constable note that the entities live, biological beings are, which able are their eliminate presence in for our visible the part of the spectrum at discretion to or. Moreover they are able already pulsating with enormous speeds move itself. The fact that she comes be, however, on IR film visible because they radiate heat. Constable call them ‘critters’, which is to translate rather with ‘beestjes’. The traditional dishes (by Constable ‘etherships’ called) are of another order. These use of a sophisticated propulsion system, which she puts able to accelerate with enormous speed and dealings to carry out. These etherships do not come belong from the universum but, just like the critters to our own planet, however from another dimension, which Constable ‘Etheria’ calls.

What they exact are not, can also to Constable answer. He states that they exist in their own levensfeer in a separate dimension. This dimension is everywhere present, also for our gone, but for human perception invisibly. Etheria the source and future of people are.

Of course a vast excursion made Constable American scientists, armed with its sharpest foto’s and films. But beginning years ’60 did not prove be there much basis for onontdekte biological entities in the atmosphere. Everyone had been aroused curiosity to the real flying dishes, such as Kenneth Arnold which had observed in ’47 at Mount Reinier. Constable were laughed away, were ignored or were ridiculous made plain. This became a black period in its life. Later he notes down this in ‘The Cosmic pulse or Life’ (1976) with as subtitel ‘The revolutionary biological power behind ufos’. In this book he looks back ietwat disconcerted on this time.

At this moment Trevor Howard Constable active is as a engineer, where he is using the orgone energy able influence it, and rain can let appear on spots where that necessary is (* Internet site).

To the critters. After the discovery of Constable it has been long quiet around these life forms. Much attention went out to UFO’s as vehicles for intelligences originating from other planets, such as the Greys van Zeta Reticuli. Abductions, cattle injuries and close Encounters or the Third child have dominated the ufonieuws of the previous decades. Until American Tv-technicus from pure interest the livebeelden which was sent from the Spaceshuttle missions were sent. Using what special satellite dishes are these observe livebeelden for everyone. This technician touched curiously to these pictures because it was not whispered there in space travel rings concerning closer to call perceptions by American, and to what late appeared also Russian crew. Our technician filled tape after tape, and its impatience was shortly rewarded, because after thorough study of the liveopnamen, particularly of space walks, and attempts from the Spaceshuttle repair c.q launch satellites, became clear that there were two phenomena present around the Spaceshuttle, the Russian MIR, and in and around the atmosphere of the ground.

The first phenomenon is to a being that with regard to description strong seems on the critters of Constable. Luminous, pulsative and itself with enormous speed moving phenomena, which appeared moreover able for ‘onmogelijke’ dealings to carry out, such as haakse turnings and sudden invisibility. On some film pictures seems the space around the Spaceshuttle litteral forgive of swarming, all sides on moving lichtbollen, which gives clear proof of their presence, such as fish curiously descend on diepzeeduiker. Also there are the enormous amoebeachtige beings visible on some scenes, which by the outer edges of the atmosphere ‘zwemmen’. The comment of the nasa during the retransmissions is that there ‘veel ijsdeeltjes and space detritus (spacedebris)’ being to see. Correctly yes. (To see: SECRET nasa TRANSMISSIONS: THE GRANT SMOKING)

The second phenomenon is a sudden, coloured lichtflits, which itself both outside the capsules as well as within the spacecrafts manifests itself. This lichtflits is hardly with the naked eye visible, but was clearly noticed astronauts, who it during the retransmissions nice concerning their ‘companion’ have. Ergo conclusio: there is much to the hand above our accounts.

To the critters. There are after Constable experiences have been confessed made much ufo perceptions which have in my opinion nothing to do with visitors of other planets, but all belong in the biological category done. In 1961, an Italian photographer made this photograph, on which bizar object with min-of-meer symmetrical projections. Being? Vehicle? See also the next photograph, on which is a flying dragon to see. And then next that a type sees flying jellyfish late, among beautiful cloud parties.

Itself possesses I an unique small film from the years ’60, on which are from a plane filmed being to see. It seems still most on an enormous tortoise, with four legs/vinnen. however after a number of seconden there something happens strange: the legs seem join tightly itself to a type membrane, the being turns and within 2 up to 3 video frames from the visibility has totally disappeared. Also on the nasa films is high above the atmosphere flying ‘kwallen’ to see that appears suddenly and also suddenly disappears, or with inconceivable speed from picture accelerate.

Itself is I, after study of Constable’s work (be first book ‘They live in the sky’ is unfortunately from the trade, 2e hands does copies zo’n € 500, -), the work of will helmet Reich and a large number of films and foto’s reached the conclusion that he has it at the straight end. Constable still say themselves concerning its perceptions against ongelovige scientists: ‘bind an infra-red camera under a plane and makes prerecordings in ochtenduren’. And ‘iedereen is possible waarnemen’ them;. In my optiek the work of Constable deserves a thorough realignment, where could open mind contribute livewaarnemingen and enormously to the knowledge of our own planet, its flora and fauna, but above all to the nevertheless this way uncomfortable problem of Ufo-waarnemingen.

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