Global Warming & the Nature of our Reality
A PUFOIN Commentary
By John Jaeger

Global Warming has taken a front seat in the general collective minds of the World Governments and many of its citizens.  The talk about pollution; Carbon Dioxide and Flora Carbons continues to stress the impact we "humans" have had on our climate.

Over the past few years we've seen lots of movies related to Global Warming including a documentary from former VP of the United Sates, Al Gore.  Certainly, it is important to consider the impact we have on our planet.  There is absolutely no doubt that we do play a role in pollution; increasing Carbon Dioxide and cutting down our forests.  Anyone who would deny this is simply sticking their head in the sand.  We do impact our planet and not always in positive ways.

The current trend in Global Warming goes beyond anything humans could do in 100 years of Industrialized nations.  Our impact on the ecology and biology of our planet is minimal.  We are not the cause for the ice caps to be receding.  We are not the cause for the warming of our climate.  Contributors?  Perhaps.  Cause?  No.

It is a proven fact that the other planets in our Solar System are warming as well.  We see changes on the Moon; Mars; Venus; Mercury; and most recently a report about Jupiter!  A recent National Geographic article titled "Lightning Strikes, Changing Climate Revealed on Jupiter" ( adds to a long list of other Solar System changes currently underway.

The Sun itself is also experiencing changes.  Solar activity continues to be at a high when you consider we're supposed to be in the solar minimum.  The question becomes; What is going on?

Andy Lloyd has hit the nail on the head.  He's been a proponent for quite some time that our Sun has a Brown Dwarf companion or better known as a "Dark Star".  Andy has long shared his belief that Nibiru (of Z. Sitchin fame) is associated with this companion star.  He further attests that this Dark Star comes up from the Southern Hemisphere and is the cause for all of these changes in our Solar System.  You can read more on Andy's fascinating work at

When you look back on ancient history it is hard to deny the observations of the Sumerians.  I have no doubt that there were civilizations that preceded the Sumerians but they are consider the earliest known "formal community" with laws; commerce and typical social values, etc.  We have discovered tablets that may pre-date the Sumerians but we simply have no reference for translation.  So, we truly need to base our ancient history on the observations of the "reporters" of the Sumerian times.

Picture this:  Three thousand years from now, some archeologist digs up a time capsule.  Inside is a news paper still in tact along with a variety of other objects.  For this archeologist, it's a find of a life time.  Our civilization has long been destroyed and there are only speculative historian science on the 20th and 21st centuries.  There's even debate about whether our society was mature enough to have flying machines and computers.  This discovery would be Earth shaking. 

The newspaper from 2007,2008, 2009 or beyond would be a snap shot of our society.  There's just one problem.  English (or any other current planetary language) is no longer spoken or written.  It is an "ancient" language.  There might only be a few who can decipher the code of the language and only because someone before them had created a Rosetta stone of sorts.

The archeologists and linguists decipher the news paper and for the most part, they get it right.  What wonders would it tell about the 20th or 21st century?  What marvels would these scientists debate?  What if they were reading about a "UFO" sighting?  Maybe an anniversary article on the Barney and Betty Hill abduction case?  Maybe the Roswell crash?  What if it was an article about the holy wars and the weapons of mass destruction used?

In three thousand years, they may have advanced to a level so far beyond conventional weapons that they can only imagine what caused parts of the planet to be in ruins with radiation residue.  Their society may be without "gods" and perhaps they can not understand why nations would go to war over "god".  They might think that "god" was a name for a leader or ruler and that these leaders all tried to be the sole leader - NWO.

They'd read the paper and while they might be able to translate it into something they can read in their own language - they might not quite understand the purpose of the words.  After all, English has a lot of similar words.  Many of the "same" words mean different things.  The word "close" for example.  Is it "close" in the sense of "shut" or is it "close" in the sense of "near"?  How would someone from 3000 years in the future be able to understand that there were multiple meanings without a point of reference?  It might lead the scientists to say that much of this was based on "myth" of those times. 

When we revisit the Sumerian tablets we need to consider that there is much we don't know or understand about the language.  We're reading the "newspaper" of their time.  They are trying their best to describe what they are experiencing.  The battle of the gods; the Anunnaki; the mining for gold; the flying machines; the nuclear wars; etc.

If is suggested by Zachariah Sitchin that the Anunnaki came to Earth to mine gold for their atmosphere.  It is speculated that because the planet is on a 3600 year elliptical orbit, they need some means to hold in the warmth because it is so far from the Sun for so long.  But what if it was actually an opposite?  What if the Anunnaki home world is a planet around Andy Lloyd's Dark Star?  What if it wasn't an attempt to keep the heat in but in fact, to reflect the sunlight out?  Think about it.  If "we" are experiencing Global Warming because of this interaction between our Sun and the Dark Companion, wouldn't the planets associated with the Dark Companion Star be as well?  Perhaps the gold was a means to reflect the Sunlight; keep their planet cooler and hope to survive this pass through the system?

There can be many ways to put a 'spin' on the translations of the Sumerian Tablets.  What is difficult to cover up is what they tell us about our origins and the stories found in the Bible.  Regardless if you're a Bible-thumper and insist that the words in the Bible are literal and from God alone - you can't deny that the Bible may simply be another case of documenting events from much earlier in history.  I think we can establish that this is indeed a "given" at this point.  Does the Bible get it right?  Not completely.  Like any retelling, parts are dropped out or retold in a way that has a sense of mystery.

Our planet is ripe with examples of past Global Warming events.  Not all of them were to lead to the 'end' of life.  It really depends on how hardy and creative the species is.  Do the various aboriginal messages from around the world tell of these events?  Is the Mayan calendar an example of a "cycle", which has come in the past and will come again in the future?  Is that why they refer to it as 4th and 5th worlds?  The time we're in is a transition time.  Many things may happen in the next 5 years.

We already know that we're about to enter into a period of Galactic Equinox where our Solar System is aligned with the Center of the Milky Way.  We also recently learned that we're really part of the Sagittarius Galaxy, which is being absorbed into the Milky Way.  We know that the Vatican and the United States and perhaps other countries have all activated or reactivated Observatories in the Southern Hemisphere.  Doesn't that in itself tell us a great deal about what's coming?

We must accept that our Governments aren't going to just come out and tell us what's going on.  It behooves them to have "plausible deniability" and frankly, we're doing a great job of offering more than enough material for that cause.  Of course the Government wants to distribute Al Gore's movie to schools.  It's filled with a lot of unproven and unsubstantiated claims.  There is just enough truth in his claims to support it as being credible.  Scratch below the surface though and you find a web of deception.  Who better to create a web of deception than a former leading officer in the United States Government?  "It's Al Gore.  He of anyone has to know", right?  Oh he knows.  He just isn't telling!

Will 2012 bring the end of life?  I don't believe so.  I'm not a psychic or seer so I can't tell you with any level of certainty but I can tell you that history is cyclical and I believe that 2012 is simply another mile-marker along the path to our enlightenment.  There are without a doubt significant events planned for 2012.  We will see changes in many ways.  There will be Earth changes leading up to that point.  There will be power struggles.  Society as we know it may change.  However, it is the awareness of self, which I believe will have the greatest transition.  We are energy.  It is logical to believe that when we enter an energy vortex we will experience change on some level.  We know that there are several key vortex sites on our planet where many claim to have rebalanced their flow of energy.  Sedona is the home of at least 3.  Stonehenge is another.  They Egyptian Giza Plateau offers another. 

If folks are experiencing a "cleansing" of sorts in these key locations, what do you think opening a vortex with the center of the Galaxy will do?  Science has already established that our DNA holds many secrets and that parts of our DNA are being "turned on".  It is the "Energy" that is turning our "junk DNA" on and this will help us evolve into the next phase of our Human evolution.  We know that we only use 5-10% of our brains.  So what's with the other 90-95%?

While we're undergoing now, these DNA changes and activations, we're also starting to utilize more of our brains.  We're opening our minds to a greater understanding of being.  We've reached a point along our path of enlightenment where we'll see a jump forward.

Many reading this article will recognize the changes already and will agree that we are evolving spiritually (not religiously but spiritually).  We are beginning to learn more about us and about our purpose.  We are learning that life isn't about battles over gods but about or own personal journey and our own ability to hold reverence for all life including the life of our Mother... Earth.

The times ahead are certainly going to offer physical challenges.  We may see the collapse of currency; nations; governments.  We may see starvation; devastation and ruin.  We may find ourselves returning to our animalistic behaviors in trying to provide for and defend our families.  This will lead to martial law and a removal of our liberties.  A much more favorable outcome would be for us to recognize our awakening and know that we're to support and help one another.  It isn't about who dies with the most toys.  It's about who lives and shares those toys.  Spirituality speaks of our person of being - not about how we revere a God.  It speaks about us and who we are inside at our very core.

Key messages are being shared with us every day through awakening calls.  How many are seeing 11:11; 12:12; 12:34; 10:10 and other triggers more and more often?  What do you think those are for and why do you think it is only in the "digital age" that these triggers work?  These are reminders.  These are the "alarm clock wake up bells".  These are designed to help us reflect; to take pause and recognize ourselves for that moment.  Once you know what these triggers are for, you do stop and reflect each time you see them.  I know that when I see one of these symbols, I pause for a moment and consider the significance.  I smile and think to myself that "it's all going to be okay".  I've often said to myself, "that's a good sign".  This happens to me nearly every day and often several times a day.  It helps me to put my life back into perspective.  I'm suddenly no longer so wrapped up inside of my busy day.  It's an escape - even for a second or two and it helps me to break the rut.

We are in the days of enlightenment and it is NOW that we must find our spiritual self and progress along the path so that we may ascend when the timing is right.  Ascension into a higher state of being.  Ascension into a better understanding of oneself.  Your purpose and my purpose in life are different but our spiritual goals are not.  We all seek to know who we are and why we exist.  We all seek to understand the mysteries of our existence and Universe.  Does a God exist (a God who controls all)?  Putting aside the Religions, it is a question every one of us is challenged with, every day.

The answer is that yes.  There IS a God but It isn't as you'd expect.  WE are all part of God.  WE are the energy of the Universe and WE are an extension of God - as God is the Universal Consciousness.  We exist within God.  We are God's thoughts.  We are God's cells.  We are just one piece of the collective.  We are God trying to understand HIS purpose and HIS existence.  This is why we have the ability to learn and ascend to a greater awareness.

Is "God" controlling our existence?  Nope.  We control our existence.  We make our reality.  "Thought" is very powerful and we have the ability to suspend the physics of our Universe based on Thought.  Thought exceeds the speed of light and can instantly take you anywhere you want to be.  Of course, until we learn how to manipulate the physical or ascend to the energy level, we may not be able to make much use of that tool.  It will come though.  It is part of our spiritual evolution.

This is a time for awakening.  The various apparitions of the Virgin Mary and other deities are hard to explain.  Are they merely Aliens?  Are they our forefathers and mothers who are further along the path and at a higher level of ascension coming back to help guide us on our journey and hopefully steer us in a direction that will allow us to reach a level of ascension beyond this physical realm?  I don't know but I do know that we're not going through this alone.  We have a lot of help.

Of course, there are those who want to hold us back.  Call them forces of Evil if you want.  But as we awaken, the forces of Evil will be unable to hold us back.  The reason for this is simple:  It's a personal journey and only WE can control whether we hold back.

All of the events happening right now are merely trigger events.  Yes, the Anunnaki existed and may still exist among us in some form.  Yes, we are visited by Aliens be it physical or Para-dimensional.  Yes, we are experiencing Global Warming as is the rest of our Galaxy through NATURAL occurrences and of course we should be alarmed.  Yes, we are spiritual beings in search of who and what we are and our purpose.  Yes, there is a Universal Consciousness and we are a part of that Consciousness.  Take advantage of this knowledge and transform your spirit so that you may accelerate your trip along the path of enlightenment and reach ascension.  The time draws near and we must prepare ourselves along the way.  This doesn't mean that we give up our physical requirements.  We still need to work; go to school; eat; drink and socialize.  However, we can bring a new focus on what we do and how we do it so that it is in service-to-others.

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