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Aurora Borealis & The Midnight Sun
Aurora with Moon
Tranøy, Norway
February 9, 2011

The image above was taken by Hannes Hugo Løhre of the Moon and the aurora taken a couple of  days ago. The image was adopted by a couple of sites on Youtube as strong and clear evidence of Nibiru aka Planet X. The thinking was that the Aurora are visible at night, that this most be a second Sun... This is a 30 sec. exposure of the Moon, which was half moon at the time of shooting

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Land of the Midnight Sun
Svalbard (Spitzbergen), Norway

There are very few places on Earth where one can see aurora during the day. Svalbard (Spitzbergen) is ideally located for this. For a 10 week period around winter solstice it is dark enough during the day to see aurora, and the latitude is such that near local noon the auroral oval is usually overhead. ~ Source

Land of the Midnight Sun
The way of the sun in the "night" of the 5./6. july 2005 between 23.00 pm and 01.45 am in Uttakleiv on the Lofoten-islands in the north of norway. Composite of 12 exposures made every 15 minutes. ~ Source
© Ken Graham/Ken Graham Agency
Midnight Sun at Point Barrow, Alaska, at latitude 71° 23' N; exposures made in August at half-hour intervals
Midnight Sun Reflections© by Kennan Ward

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