Thermal Diode Coating
New Thermal Diode Coating Promises "Magical Results"

ROSWELL, GA (9/6/2000). 27th Century Technologies, Inc. announced that it will begin licensing its MAXERGY(TM) Thermal Diode Coating to industry for a wide range of applications. This new product may revolutionize virtually all industrial, mechanical, and climate-control processes requiring extremely high levels of heat resistance, insulation, and control.

MAXERGY Thermal Diode Coating, when applied to any specially prepared substrate, will form a passive, solid-state junction that creates a one-way superconducting path for thermal energy, says Neil J. Chernoff, President of 27th Century Technologies, Inc. By retarding heat transfer in the opposite direction, this junction effectively serves as a super insulator.

MAXERGY Thermal Diode Coating can be successfully applied to steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, most alloys, fiberglass, ridged plastics, glass, concrete, and other surfaces, Chernoff said.

In automobiles, for example, MAXERGY Thermal Diode Coating can improve passenger comfort through more efficient heating and cooling systems while extending the life of mechanical parts that deteriorate due to exposure to extremely high temperatures. In construction and building management applications, the coating will result in lower heating and air conditioning costs, eliminate delays in delivery of hot water to lavatory, faucets, and reduce fire insurance premiums by providing economical, and fireproof electrical wire insulation. Food production and storage industries would benefit from lower cost, higher-efficiency refrigeration systems made possible by the coating.

In addition, MAXERGY Thermal Diode Coating will enable electronics manufacturers to eliminate heat-related restrictions on microprocessor and memory speeds, thereby exponentially increasing the efficiency and reliability of computers and other electronic devices. The coating will also enable most other manufacturing and processing industries to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of a wide range of production processes. Some of the first companies to utilize the MAXERGY Thermal Diode Coating are several NASCAR teams, including A. J. Foyt and Jeff Gordon, a large carpet manufacturer, and an egg processing plant.

27th Century Technologies, a research and development "think tank" located in Roswell, GA, will be licensing its intellectual property and patented hardware to a wide range of industries. Several leading U.S. defense contractors have begun looking at using MAXERGY Thermal Diode Coating in a variety of America's most advanced defense systems.

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RTD Project Co-ordinator: Dr Peter KEW
EC Contract Number: JOR3-CT98-0092

This proposal covers the development of a low cost sheet material which acts as a thermal diode, permitting heat transfer in one direction while acting as an insulating material in the opposite direction. The sheets will be designed so that they can be used as cladding on new or existing buildings.

1. To develop a thermal diode suitable for fabrication in sheet form.
2. To investigate manufacturing methods for the diode amenable to low cost mass production.
3. To devise appropriate modelling techniques to permit the prediction of the performance of various structures incorporating the thermal diode.
4. To determine the energy saving potential of the thermal diode under different climatic conditions.

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