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A Collection of Screen Captures from NASA Videos
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The "Swarm" gathers shortly after the tethers has broken loose. The picture in the  bottom right corner shows ome of them passing in front of the tether
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The "Swarm" close up. In the video you will see many different sizes, though without a point reference it is hard to say an exact size or what distance each one is from the tether. Other figures have calculated then at up to a mile and a half in diameter. They travel at various speeds, in various dirrections, they pulse, they change luminosity. Some are brighter than others... the closer ones to the tether seem the brightest.
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The Tether is 12 miles long, so this one passing just behind it gives you an indication of the size of the critter.
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The large white one in the above sequence pulses as it moves across the screen then turns in an arc, finally moving straight down the screen.
The left one of the pair 45 degrees down from the tether on the right is the one in the above photos. You can clearly track its motion in the video

"Captured" From

Video Clip
STS-75 'The Tether Incident' Feb 1996
Editors Note: This video has been removed several times by Youtube. Currently it is available again. If it does get removed again, email me and I can send you a copy as we have it on disk now. Contact me at webmaster
This one is from the hand held Infrared Camera and is not as clear as the other one was  STS-75 Alternate Copy

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