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Dr. Lear,

Kevin Smith telephoned me a few days ago and asked me to appear as a guest on his show per the above captioned date/time. One of my associates sent me a snippet from your discussion with George Noory on 1/17/07 re lunar mining, etc.

If you send me a good email addy I'll send you a copy of the paper which was part of the proceeding at the ISDC in Dallas, this past May, FYI.  You can probably still see the info at:


I just wanted you to know that yes... I keep very busy and I'm on a ''mission'!  My Mission is to keep America safe through development of some very exotic technologies.  You can find out everything about me, just go to www.necti.org and click on the links. 

I have a public page at Geocities... at url http://www.geocities.com/jreznik888/DrJoeResnick.html

Actually, I 'retired' in 1993 at the age of 40 years when I sold the licensing rights to US Patent # 5807724 which you can search out at www.uspto.gov and just do a quick number search, with that patent forming the foundation for my development of the BioBoom, BioSok, Micro-Sorbe; Poly-Sorbe; Oil-Buster; WAPED and PRP (see http://www.unireminc.com/).

On 9/11, when Tower II fell, so went 18 years of research and hard work, along with about 450 MM USD's. So...on 09/20/01 I resigned my 500K/year job as Chief Scientist for Petrol Rem, sold all my stock, closed my labs at the Univ. of Pgh. and in Brackenridge, PA, donated all of the equipment (phase scanning electron microscopes; 12-Channel Grass Polygraphs, etc.) to various institutions, including the Rhine Center for Parapsychology at Duke University <and I endowed a Chair in Parapsychology there>, and other equipment to the Lenape Vo Tech School and to N. Westmoreland Co. Career and Tech Center, both of which institutions are close to my compound in Fawn Twp., PA.

And yes, as you mentioned in the snippet with Mr. Noory, I've worked on/with HAARP.  If you want to learn more about that see US Patent #5523757 at url http://www.freepatentsonline.com/5523757.html .  If you read the patent you'll understand the relevance to HAARP and the Stealth Bombers, etc.

You're an intelligent man and I'm certain that you'll be able to make the connection.  If you read US Patent 5523757, you'll understand (a little better) my connection to/with and collaboration with these men.

LOL...suffice it to say that the 'Predator' (as in the movie) is alive/living at Los Alamos!

OK.  Tomorrow night I'll be on the air with Kevin Smith live and if you want to call in and pick my brain about anything... please feel free to do so. I'll answer any question you might have so long as I do not violate and secrecy agreements I (may/may not) have made.

Best regards,

Dr. Joe Resnick

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Resnick is a graduate of Westinghouse Electric Corporation's Electro- Mechanical Engineering School Apprentice Program and the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Resnick holds a Master's Degree in Earth and Space Health Systems Management and was a NASA Scholar-in-Residence at the Military College of Vermont at Vermont College and holds the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Environmental Studies with concentration in Bioremdiation and Biodefense from The Union Institute and University at Cincinnati. Dr. Resnick is the Chief Scientist for NxGenUSA Corporation of Pittsburgh, and has oversight of the Future Soldier Systems Division, the Vehicle Up-Armor and Visual Mitigation Division and the Earth&Space Biodefense Divisions. Dr.Resnick is an applied scientist and inventor holding numerous US and Foreign Patents concerning various technologies, e.g., low observables, speech restoration, environmental and biodefense technologies. He has authored and co-authored numerous White Papers and collaborates as part of the ROC-team commissioned to develop next- generation camouflage systems for the Kingdom of Jordan and to develop visual mitigation technologies for DOE/DOI/BLM. Dr. Resnick possesses extensive lateral skill sets in biology, anatomy and physiology, medicine, electrical and mechanical engineering, robotics, earth and space systems architecture - component design, defense security programs, low observable technologies, global and space communication systems architectures engineering and Military/Homeland strategic defense.

Seven of Dr. Resnick's discoveries were showcased by NASA in a display at the Galaxy Arcade at KSC from April 1985 through August 1995. Included were components Dr. Resnick designed for use in the fueling systems for the SST Orbiter fleet as well as pollution control systems and components used in space suits as well as the ECADD, a medical device designed for use in microgravity conditions. In September, 1994, Dr. Resnick was featured on the cover of NASA's Techbriefs Magazine in a story entitled 'Mission Accomplished' which described successful commercialization of a NASA spinoff-technology he utilized to develop an arsenal of new bioremediation products to clean up oil spills, worldwide. That technology had its foundations on experiments aboard STS 43. Dr. Resnick is a recognized expert in strategic defense program design of low observable visual mitigation technologies for protection of critical infrastructure and functions in various governmental and industrial consultancies. Dr. Resnick has directed strategic national and international intelligence, counter-intelligence defense initiatives for next-generation ECM, ECCM and future Space and Soldier Systems R&D programs. Other areas of proficiency include secure theater-wide communications operations, clandestine communication procedures, encryption methodologies and the design of secure communications networks within defense and public environments. Dr. Resnick is a noted authority in the areas of COMSEC, INFOSEC, HAARP and SIGSEC and is the Founding Director of the National Anti-Terrorism Technology Development and Training Center and Founder of VansForVets.Org.

Dr. Resnick holds five degrees of eduction in various scientific disciplines and has worked with NASA and various other agencies in multiple capacaties and in private industry for the past thirty years. Joe is the Chief Scientist for NxGenUSA Corporation of Pittsburgh, PA and holds numerous worldwide patents. Joe is affiliated with the National Defense Industrial Organization, Arlington, VA, as a Life Member; the Aerospace Medical Association, Human-Factors Engineering Branch, Founding Member; the Western Pennsylvania High Technology Council, Founding Member; Founding Director of the National Anti-Terrorism Technology Development and Training Center; Founder of the National Eco-Counter Terrorism Institute; Founder of VansForVets.Org and the creator-orgnizer of the Universal Mineral Leases Registry (UMLR.us). Joe has been married for thirty years, has two daughters and enjoys family life. He is an avid environmentalist and has various other interests. 


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The National Anti-Terrorism Technology Development and Training Center

206 Freedom Lane
Natrona Heights, PA 15065-3901 USA

NAT2DTC@AOL.comThe National Anti-Terrorism Technology Development and Training Center was founded by Dr. Joseph A. Resnick for the purpose of advancing technologies for use in the fight against Domestic and Global Terrorism.  The Mission of the NATTDTC is to provide the latest, finest and best technologies to aid Law Enforcement, the US Military, and Allies of the USA to advance domestic and Homeland protective capabilities on a proactive basis.  The Philosophy of the NATTDTC is to maintain America's technological superiority and tactical advantage through constant and vigilant practices; through education to enable precise, decisive action(s) and methods aimed at eliminating Terrorists and all acts of Terrorism, in order that all Americans may continue to enjoy Life, Liberty and Freedom.  The NATTDTC is not affiliated with any political group nor any political party, religious organization, Federal or State Agency, nor any Governments, nor individuals Foreign to the United States (e.g., "United Nations").  The NTTDTC does not accept financial support or donations from any religious organization(s), political action committee(s)  <"PAC's">, nor any 'Special Interest Group'.  All research and development activities and the technologies developed through affiliation or sponsorship of the NTTDTC are funded entirely by private American Citizens specifically for utilization in the protection of America and Americans.  The NATTDTC is in the process of establishing four (4) educational training centers at strategic locations within the Continental United States.  The NATTDTC provides training and educational services to Private Citizens, Law Enforcement, First-Responders, EMT's, State and Local Employees, and to certain elements of the U.S. Armed Services.  Educational programs are designed to raise awarness of issues related to the Global War on Terrorism, to enhance American Infrastructure and to improve individual capability to assist in the resolve of U.S. Homeland Defense.

Degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons with organisms encapsulated in wax

Publication number: US5807724
Publication date: 1998-09-15
- international: A62D3/00; A62D3/02; B09C1/00; B09C1/10; C02F3/10; C02F3/34; C12N11/02; C12S1/00; E02B15/04; A62D3/00; B09C1/00; B09C1/10; C02F3/10; C02F3/34; C12N11/00; C12S1/00; E02B15/04; (IPC1-7): C12N11/02; C12N1/26; C12N11/04; C12S1/00
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Application number: US19950487589 19950607
Priority number(s): US19950487589 19950607; US19940201059 19940224; US19920888515 19920526; US19890390363 19890807

Abstract of US5807724
Organisms that degrade hydrocarbon-based substances are encapsulated in wax to form organism-containing wax microshells that are used for removing oil-based substances such as oil spills on land and water. The organism is preferably of the genus Candida that produce lipase. The microshell may contain nutrients that sustain the organism. The wax is paraffin wax or beeswax, and the microshell may be coated with talc or carbon powder to provide insulation and to prevent one microshell from sticking to another. When used for remediating an oil spill on water, the microshells are preferably contained in a buoyant container that acts as a flotation device. The flotation device may contain flotation means such as gas-filled microballoons that facilitate flotation.

Universal Remediation, Inc.

A Leader in Bioremediation & Spill Response
1405 Parkway View Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15205
Email: sales@unireminc.com 
Phone: 412-788-2444
Fax: 412-788-0111
Toll Free: 877-788-2444 

Who Owns the Mineral Rights on the Moon?


However, a loophole in Space Law allows individuals and companies to hold Mineral Rights on the Moon, Mars and other celestial bodies. Growing concern from Scientists that these rights may be held hostage have been alleviated by a three man North American team; Dr. Joseph Resnick, Dr. Timothy R. O'Neill and Guy Cramer (ROC-Resnick/O'Neill/Cramer team) who have acquired the mineral rights for 95% of the side of the moon that faces Earth, the polar regions and 50% of the far side of the moon. - Source

Signal damping camouflage system and manufacturing method

Publication number: US5523757
Publication date: 1996-06-04
- international: A47J36/28; C09K5/16; F24J1/00; F25D5/02; F28D20/02; A47J36/24; C09K5/00; F24J1/00; F25D5/00; F28D20/02; (IPC1-7): H01G17/00; F21V9/04; G02B5/22; G21K1/10
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Application number: US19930017322 19930211
Priority number(s): US19930017322 19930211; US19900631873 19901221; US19880216426 19880708

Abstract of US5523757
An electronic attenuation and camouflage device comprising a novel cooling device comprised of microspheres; an additional set of microspheres containing radar attenuating materials <RAM> capable of absorbing certain frequencies; and an additional set of microspheres containing electro-reactive substances enabling color change of a structure to match background, all comprising structures or being placed in a matrix; a structure; a machined part; a coating; or a series of matrices, structures, parts or coatings, which combined structures enable concealment of an object.

Container heating or cooling device and building material

Publication number: US5163504
Publication date: 1992-11-17
- international: A47J36/28; C09K5/16; F24J1/00; F25D5/02; F28D20/02; A47J36/24; C09K5/00; F24J1/00; F25D5/00; F28D20/02; (IPC1-7): F24J1/00; F28D5/02
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Application number: US19880216426 19880708
Priority number(s): US19880216426 19880708Abstract of US5163504
A container, having a plurality of microspheres, the microspheres containing substances, which when liberated from the microspheres, result in an endothermic or exothermic reaction or change of state resulting in a temperature change to the proximate container and contents contained therein, for bringing the contents to a substantially cooled or heated condition with respect to starting temperature.

Transverse reflective-protective contact eye lenses and coating for conventional face-mounted apparatus, manufacturing method and kit

Publication number: US2002141760
Publication date: 2002-10-03
- international: G03B1/00; G03B1/00; (IPC1-7): G03B1/00
- European: G03B1/00
Application number: US20010821634 20010329
Priority number(s): US20010821634 20010329

Abstract of US2002141760
A device comprising a means and method, and a means and method of presentation to a human body component, as in the form of an application or a coating, or another form, such as a pre-formed lense, to and for protecting the human eye or other organs or parts of the human body from injury from elecrtomotive-force weapons, radiant energy weapons or sources, light or sound powered devices or weapons, or from any other energy sources, such as the Sun, or from the flashes of high-intensity camera strobe lights, for example, which may be capable of providing sufficient radiant energy, directed energy, for example, LASER, in the direction of the wearer, to cause temporary blindness, vertigo, loss of consciousness, confusion, disorientation or other undersirable physical conditions. The device comprises a singular layer, or may comprise a matrix or matrixes containing microspheres or nanospheres containing adsorptive substances or reflective substances, and miniature heating or cooling devices for the purpose of maintaining homeostasis in an organ, or for warming or cooling the body component or part or parts of the body, the human eye, for example, or other parts of the human body, the ears, for example (sound)

Close-contact counter-measure garment and method

Publication number: US6272781
Publication date: 2001-08-14
- international: F41H1/00; F41H9/10; F41H11/00; F41H13/00; F41H1/00; F41H9/00; F41H11/00; F41H13/00; (IPC1-7): F41C9/00
- European: F41H1/00; F41H9/10; F41H11/00; F41H13/00
Application number: US19990312535 19990524
Priority number(s): US19990312535 19990524

Abstract of US6272781
A garment equipped with emitter, said emitter positioned on the garment such that the emitter can be a weapon, where said emitter can be fired by the wearer of the garment or fired remotely by a second person, an observer, or a third person, a monitor, an observer who is monitoring, where said emitter emits a means to mark an attacker by marking means, the position, identification of, and, alternatively, to immobilize or interfere with an attacker of the wearer of the garment. A method of defending an individual, including wearing by the individual a garment having contained upon, in, or proximal thereto a lethal, non-lethal, or less-than lethal weapon, and discharging or firing the weapon from the garment in the direction of an attacker.

Speech monitor

Publication number: US5015179
Publication date: 1991-05-14
- international: G09B19/04; G09B21/00; G09B19/04; G09B21/00; (IPC1-7): G09B19/04
- European: G09B19/04; G09B21/00C
Application number: US19860891680 19860729
Priority number(s): US19860891680 19860729

Abstract of US5015179
A method of speech training including sensing speech of a student and providing a digital indication of the sensed speech. Apparatus in support of this method is additionally provided.


Publication number: CA1298936
Publication date: 1992-04-21
- international: (IPC1-7): G10L3/00
- European: 
Application number: CA19850495305 19851114
Priority number(s): WO1985US02112 19851025

Abstract of CA1298936
Prosthetic Device for Artificial Speech A prosthetic tone emitter for laryngectomy patients which in combination with natural apparatus enables comprehensible speech. Components of the tone emitter are constructed into an artificial tooth such that articulation is relatively unhindered.

Interoral Electrolarynx

Publication number: US4571739
Publication date: 1986-02-18
- international: A61F2/20; A61F2/68; A61F2/20; A61F2/50;
- European: A61F2/20; A61F2/68
Application number: US19830533002 19830916
Priority number(s): US19830533002 19830916; US19810319039 19811106

Abstract of US4571739
A prosthetic tone emitter for laryngectomy patients which in combination with natural apparatus enables comprehensible speech. Components of the tone emitter are constructed into an artificial tooth such that articulation is relatively unhindered.

NxGen Body Armor USA Corporation

NxGenUSA Corporation is the exclusive, worldwide Licensee to US Patent Number 6,272,781, Reactive Body Armor.

Exopolitical Implications, Commerce, Mining Ops and Historical Preserves
on the Moon and Mars


Some experts predict that at the present consumption rate of fossil fuels ( coal, natural gas, crude oil) by the year 2050 the price of a gallon of gasoline will reach twenty five hundred dollars and the cost to heat a home as much as eight thousand dollars. In view of the present consumption rate and in consideration of the negative effect consumption has on the Earth’s environment, clearly, Man must actively pursue development of alternative energy sources which are i) clean energies; ii) plentiful; iii) and accessible. A clear need exists and a commitment must be made to advance emerging green energy sources and the technologies necessary to utilize them. Such commitment would include efforts to refine cold fusion technology with a view toward utilization of alternate green fuels, syn-fuels, bio-fuels, etc. Other sources such as Hydrogen, Deuterium, Tritium, and H3, which are plentiful on the lunar surface could supply Man's energy needs for millennia to come. As space commerce, lunar, martian, and ancillary planetary commercialization and environmental concerns on earth mature, Man must take steps to assure preservation of known sites where available energy and other mineral resources are located as well as preserving historically significant sites for future generations. These issues are discussed. Lunar and martian maps are presented showing established preserves, strategic, historical and proposed mining sites with a view toward advancement of preliminary, but organized, commercialization and preservation of lunar and martian assets. 


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Rotating disc type aircraft

Publication number: US2432775
Publication date: 1947-12-16

Abstract not available for US2432775