The US Government, Dimensional Portals and Dr Wen Ho Lee




By Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

This story may exceed what you are accustomed to consider as reality. But because advanced research and development into extraterrestrial-derived technology has taken place for the last 50 years out of public view, the popular view of reality is almost five decades behind actual scientific achievements. To process this story, it helps if you accept that the government is not totally forthcoming in the news stories it feeds the media. It also helps to realize that the government uses the word "nuclear secrets" as a code phrase for all kinds of secret advanced technology, such as antigravity propulsion and psychotronic remote-influencing devices, and not just for atomic weapons.

An ex-NSA consultant who has been reliable in the past informs me that government scientists working at Los Alamos "Nuclear" Laboratory, NM have succeeded in generating a holographic portal. They have used this portal to travel across space-time, and possibly interdimensionally, and have seen into another world. What they saw there, my informant says cryptically, both frightened and intrigued them. He did not add any additional details.

This research would be a follow-on to previous secret government successful research into time travel and teleportation, Los Alamos physicist Robert Lazar told about the government's Project Galileo research into time travel, which he was briefed on when he worked at the S-4 Base south of Area 51.

My NSA contact confirmed that the government has succeeded in time travel, but also considers it a dangerous technology. Teleportation research conducted at the Lawrence Livermore/Sandia National Laboratories, CA has had some successful results, as well. Certain extraterrestrial races have been using portals of their own devising to visit earth. Now the U.S. government, ever avaricious to copy ET technology, has created a primitive but working model of its own. Dr. Wen Ho Lee, nuclear scientist in the headlines, worked on that holographic portal project, along with other scientists. You will recall that Dr. Lee was accused by the government of copying U.S. "nuclear secrets" onto a non-secure computer tape. In the previously-lax security environment of the professorial Los Alamos Labs, run by the University of California, and accustomed to informal exchange of information among research colleagues, such "lapses of security" have been epidemic. If every LANL scientist who took short-cuts around certain security measures were prosecuted, Los Alamos would be a ghost town.

Why, then, was Wen Ho Lee singled out for such severe and unconstitutional nine months of imprisonment without bail and defamation-by-headlines? What does Dr. Lee know about portal secrets, that the government used the severest measures to silence and discredit him? Recently, a plea-bargain was entered into by the U.S. government and Wen Ho Lee, in which 58 felony counts were dropped, and U.S District Court Judge James Parker apologized to Dr. Lee for government misconduct which has "embarassed this entire nation." My ex-NSA consultant indicated that the plea-bargain was achieved because Dr. Lee, like so many who work in National Security areas, created a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card for himself. These scientists uses self-protective measures such as stashing information embarassing to the government in safety- deposit boxes or with trusted friends, with the proviso that if anything should happen to them, the contents would be shared with the press. The efforts of his family and many friends, and the Asaian-American community also helped create a public climate where Dr. Lee was not going to serve quietly as a sacrificial lamb.

And now, as Paul Harvey would say, you have the Rest of the Story.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Post-script: "They" did not want you to have this story. When my ex-NSA informant e-mailed me this information, someone penetrated his state-of-the-art encryption and implanted a virus which caused my server to freeze up on his exact message and not download it, and thus blockade all my other incoming e-mail messages. It took two days of work and technical support help to develop a go-around of the freeze-bug. Now I am a mild-mannered reporter, but when "they" try to prevent the truth from coming out, I just become more determined to have it see the light of day. And here you have it.

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