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 Buddhist Mogao Grotos Photo Tour

Thousand Buddha are engraved here - by ThoiryK

Dunhuang By RWFG

Dunhuang flourished as a Buddhist monastery and way station on the Southern Silk Road for 900 years starting around 366 AD. It is an assembly of nearly 1000 man-made caves all painted in glorious colors: the largest open-air art gallery in the world.  Besides being magnificent in themselves, the frescoes give a full account of the development of Central Asian Buddhist painting and the people and history of the Silk Road.  For a download of an elaborate overlay of the Silk Roads go to the post.    The Silk Roads Before 1200 AD - 0 Messages

Overview of Dunhuang - Mogao Grotten - by Hans-Joachim Bieda

High Watch Tower 三危山 (Sanweishan) by yamamotomasayoshi

Entering the Pass...  三危山 (Sanweishan) by billyly

Climbing.. 三危山山路 (Sanweishan Road) by billyly

Climbing.. 三危山山路 (Sanweishan Road) by billyly

Climbing.. 三危山山路 (Sanweishan Road) by billyly

Climbing.. 牌楼  (Archway) by billyly

三危圣光  by billyly

Buddha guardian - Source

庙宇 Temples
40° 2' 7.98" N  94° 53' 27.90" E - Source

Buddha guardian 三危大佛 - Source


 观世音 - by lean88888
莫高窟 Mogao by lijun

敦煌3  Dunhuang 3 by hu0yuan

敦煌3  Dunhuang 3 by hu0yuan

敦煌 莫高窟 Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes by hudeson

Mogao Grotto by ossisanni

Mogao Grotto by peterpeijiangnan

敦煌石窟千佛洞 Thousand-Buddha Grottoes of Dunhuang Grottoes by 岭南浪人:DSH

莫高窟对面的塔 Grottoes opposite tower - Source

过桥后的牌坊 After crossing the bridge arch - Source

莫高窟外面的白塔 Mogao Caves outside Sule Pagoda - Source

莫高窟外墙 Mogao wall by T-mouse

无名塔 Nameless tower - Source

无名塔 Nameless tower by 小小的一个我

Mogao Grottoes by…

Mogao Grottoes by…

敦煌 莫高窟 北魏至元 Northern Wei Yuan in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes  by rhizome

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