Enigmas on Earth
Spirits of the Clouds
"Fishes Swimming the Ocean of the Sky"
Big Bend National Park in Texas. US.
Sunfish, spotted over The Big Bend National Park in Texas. US.
Credit: Barry Milyovsky
Altocumulus Angelfish Sylph
Southern Patagonia
Altocumulus Angel-fish, Southern Patagonia
Credit: Dominic Hall
Swordfish Sylph
Victoria Harbour, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Swordfish, swimming close to the Victoria Harbour, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
Credit: Ken Fung
Enhanced Swordfish
Red Snapper Cloud
Glencoe, Scotland
Credit: Andrew Edwards
Enhanced showing the eye
Pike in the Sky Sylph
Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, UK
Credit:  Simon Rogers.
Enhanced showing eye and curled lip
Wedding Dolphin Sylph
Minnesota, US
A fish that appeared in the sky on the day she got married 
Credit: Cory Funk
Enhanced Dolphin
Huge Fish above La Spezia-Milano motorway, Italy
Credit: Cristina Vizzi
Golden Fish
Blasket Islands, County Kerry, Ireland
 Credit: Gavin Tobin
Fire Sharks
Sumas Washington, US
Shark cloud, appropriately taken from the wildlife habitat in Sumas Washington. U.S.
Credit: David Cook
Shark One Enhanced showing the eye
Shark Two
Shark Three
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