Enigmas on Earth
Spirits of the Clouds
"Heavenly Signs"
Angelical Sylphs
Fallstreak Cross
Drumheller's Orchard in Nelson County, Virginia, US
Credit: Russell Hill
This page is dedicated to Angelic appearing as Clouds as well as Sylph Angels. This will also include Angel Feathers, Doves, Crosses and other Relgious Signs... Some may be cross overs from other pages as they fit both themes.

When the Sun sets... the Flaming Ones appear...

Fallstreak Angel
Danbury, Connecticut, US
Credit: Terry Lee Houston
Fallstreak Angel
Choctaw County, Alabama, US
Credit: Ricky Morton
A Dove in a Hole
Credit: Blair Heald
Angel Sylph
Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK
Fallstreak Feather over Felixstowe, Suffolk. U.K.
Credit: Susan Randall
Sylph Face with Frosty Breath
(Or inhaling a Cloud)
Fantastic Angel Sylph
Vila Verde, near Braga city, Portugal
Lonely heart cloud........ Vila Verde, near Braga city, Portugal.
Credit: Adelino Silva
Angel Feather Sylph
Snowflake-Taylor Arizona, US
Credit: Jerry Lowell
Angel Sylphs
Tirupati Temple, India
Baby bird cloud following Mamma bird cloud, spotted over Tirupati Temple, India
Credit: Tejas Dangre
Angel Sylph
White Mountains, New Hampshire, US
Angel cloud, taken in The White Mountains, New Hampshire. US
Credit:   Sue Pearce
Three Faces in One Face
Angel Sylph
Barcelona, Spain
Credit: Modestino Carbone
Sunset Angel Sylph
Snowy Mountains, Australia
Butterfly may be feeling the cold over The Snowy Mountains Australia.
Credit: Terry Linsell
Sylph Faces
Angels Wings
New Years Day 2006
Ainsdale Beach, Merseyside, UK
'Angels Wings' spotted on New Years Day 2006 on Ainsdale Beach, Merseyside, U.K
Credit: Gem Watson
The Eyes of God and the Cross
The Maldives, Indian Ocean 2004
'The Maldives, Indian Ocean 2004.
Credit: Anthony Pease
The Eyes of God with Beams of Light
The Cross with Kneeling Monks
Fiery Horse of the Apocalypse
Edinburgh, Scotland
Hippos Purros (Flame coloured Horse), over Edinburgh, Scotland
Credit: Colin Fraser & Maggie Carson
The Angel and the Beasts
Porto Alegre, Brazil
 Angel at sunset from Porto Alegre, Brazil
Credit Luis F Balbinot

This is a very interesting image, all kinds of creatures. It's like the Angel comes with the Sunrise to Banish the Beasts of the Night

The Angel
The Happy Puppy
Glowing Eyes and Teeth
Long Nosed Beasty
Glowing Eyes
While lookin
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