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Spirits of the Clouds
A Collection of Sylphs
The Genie from Aladdins Magic Lamp
Genie and Streamers
Credit: Matt Day 
Here are the sylph pictures I took with my camera phone; thanks for the technical help. Let me know what you think.
From Educate Yourself.org
The Genie from Aladdins Magic Lamp
Le Barcares France
 The Genie from Aladdins Magic Lamp, Le Barcares France.
Credit Lucie Filippo
Since when does a Phoenix have a Cat's Face?
The Genie from Aladdins Magic Lamp
Kaituna, Masterton, New Zealand
October 2002
 Credit:   Christopher J Picking
Very Distinctive Genie
The Genie from Aladdins Magic Lamp
Lake Gregory
Credit: by Lee Reeder
The Genie is Looking at you.

Witch on a Broom Sylph
The iridescent colours forming as the sunlight passes through a cirrostratus cloud.
Also known as a witch-on-a-broom cloud
Credit: Frode Svinterud
Gamma Enhanced

Fiery Horse of the Apocalypse
Edinburgh, Scotland
Hippos Purros (Flame coloured Horse), over Edinburgh, Scotland
Credit: Colin Fraser & Maggie Carson

Three riders appear in the sky of Malaysia

The pictures were taken in the area of Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia in 2009.

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