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Rare lenticular cloud formation with iridescence in Chile


Don't panic! UFO-shaped clouds sweep across sky in Chile

By Kerry McDdermott - 18 September 2012

At first glance these images could be mistaken for an imminent alien invasion, but the mysterious 'UFOs' seen floating over a mountain range are in fact clouds. The rare formations - known as lenticular clouds - have been mistaken for UFOs thanks to their smooth, flying saucer-like shape and orange glow. The clouds, which form in areas of high altitude, often baffle onlookers and have sparked fears of alien attacks.

SOURCE - Daily Mail UK

Did you notice the UFO’s flying over Cape Town on November 8, 2015? Lenticular Clouds over Century City area, Capetown
8 Nov 2015

 by Derek Van Dam - Twitter

  by Craig Mikkelsen - Twitter



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