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HD 28185 b
Oceans in the Air
Image credit: Copyright by John Whatmough

Gigantic oceans of water girdle HD 28185 b. But these oceans are not liquid, they are clouds of ice crystals. Here, we see a cloudscape akin to what might be found on our own world, but on a much vaster scale. In the distance, two of the planet's moons are lit by the morning sun. If one of these moons is large enough and far enough from the planet's super energetic magnetic field, it my harbor oceans of its own. Oceans of a more familiar variety.

HD 28185 b is the first exoplanet discovered with a circlular orbit within its star's habitable zone.
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Water Cloud Jovian
HD 28185 (G5)
Planet at Earthlike Temperatures at Mean Orbital Distance 

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