The Enigmas on Mars 06
Fossil Evidence on Mars?
Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 016
Image Courtesy Nasa/JPL
Intriguing pieces of "rock" on Mars
Without having to use much imagination, there are several pieces of rock that leap out as "unusual". In fact the whole image looks like a field of fossil bone fragments. Any one who has ever gone fossil hinting here on Earth would recognize this immediately as an awesome opportunity to hunt specimens.

Below is the same image with circles around a few of the more interesting pieces. The green circles represent what appear to be animal skulls, especially the lower of the two. The white circles show pieces that are both round, and curved, appear hollow or in the case of the sqaurish one show several holes and look porous. The yellow circle are a few less obvious. You can look over the original and you will spot many more pieces that look like bone fragments.

Proof positive? Not yet... but if I was up there this would be one of my first stops to hunt for specimens.

Image Courtesy Nasa/JPL 

NASA Image Reference...
Martian Rover "Spirit"  Sol 016 Image # 2P127793693EFF0327P2371L7M1

NASA Rover Gallery Page Sol 016 Spirit

To see more MARS photos that are coming in daily from both Martian Rovers still operating on Mars see here;

Spirit: All 86,638 Raw Images - 46 new images since 09/17/2006 08:05:55 PST

Opportunity: All 77,115 Raw Images - 67 new images since 09/16/2006 12:16:47 PST

Fossils Revisited
posted by Papajake, a member of ATS on 21-3-2007 @ 11:03 AM This Post
"I started colorizing what I thought might be fossils, but there was so many that I just stopped. Nearly the whole photo looks like a fossil field mixed with dirt and rock."

The yellow colorizations are Papa's, the red ones are mine that I added as being key pieces - Zorgon

This is one of the best samples in the above image because you can see the porous nature of the "bone" frament
This one is round as well as curved along its length. There are branches and the end gives indications of it being hollow
Similar piece, also round, a feet inches away from the one above. There is a third piece a little more to the right, partially buried
"Diapsida Skull"

Now this one has o be by far one of the best pieces of evidence of past life on Mars... nostril holes, eye sockets and beak...

More interesting fragments...
"Diapsida Breastbone"

Best description I can think of...

Very unusual shape....with a very thin connector
Three pieces of interst in this section.. the triangular fragment attached to the bigger piece, the odd shape at bottom left, and the partially buried round "tube like" piece
This image is filled with specimens, but we only detailed the significant samples for this page
- Zorgon


Martian Weather Report
Dust Devils Rescue Spirit

Dust on Mars: Before and After (Spirit)

Image Courtesy Nasa/JPL
This was the situation as of January 3, 2005 and the power levels of Spirit were dropping because of the same layer of dust on the solar panels

Before and After a Cleaning Event on Spirit March 03, 2005

Image Courtesy Nasa/JPL
These two images from 10 days apart show that dust was removed from the panoramic camera's calibration target on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit. Spirit's panoramic camera took the picture on the left on the rover's 416th martian day, or sol, (March 5, 2005) and took the picture on the right on sol 426 (March 15, 2005). During the time in-between, other evidence of dust-lifting winds were a jump in power output by Spirit's solar arrays on sol 420 from removal of some accumulated dust, and sighting of two dust devils in sol 421 images from Spirit.

First view of an actual weather phenomena on a different planet. A pleasant surprize for NASA scientists as Dust Devils clean the dust off of the Rovers allowing continued operation years after their expected lifespan...

Dust Devil Videos
Image Courtesy Nasa/JPL

Video Clips of Dust Devil in Gusev Crater, Sol 445

Video Clips of Gusev Dust Devil, Sol 456 (Plain and Isolated)

Video Clips of Gust and Dust at Gusev, Sol 495

Video Clips of Dust Devils at Gusev, Sol 525

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