The Enigmas on Mars 12
Mars Global Surveyor
Strange Structures in Craters
MOC narrow-angle image M03-03865
Stratigraphy Traverse Northern Sinus Meridiani
This pair of Craters is very interesting. The one on the right cleary shows structures that give the impression of looking into a deep hole with the structures getting smaller at the bottom as they recede from the viewer...This is a clip from image M03_03865.gif. Click on the image to remove highlighting color. 
This one is from farther down on the same master image, and though not as detailed is still worthy of note, especially with the artificilial appearing objects surrounding the crater. Click on the image to remove highlighting color.
Heart and Ribbon

One of many heart shaped craters found on Mars. So far there is no logical explanation for hw these are formed.

Original image Credit: 
NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems


Mars Global Surveyor
Strange Sphere
MOC wide-angle image M13-01525
Traverse along edge of dark lane in S polar residual cap
 - Image Source: Malin M13 01525
Closeup of Sphere in Hole...
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