The Enigmas on Mars 20
Mars Orbiter Camera
Newton Basin in Sirenum Terra

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin
39.0S, 166.1W
The two pictures shown here (on this page) were taken by the MOC narrow angle (high resolution) camera and "colorized" by applying the colors of Mars obtained by the MOC wide angle cameras. Both pictures show gullies on the walls of two different meteor impact craters that occur in Newton Basin in Sirenum Terra, Mars. The picture on the left, showing gullies in a crater at 42.4S, 158.2W, exhibits patches of wintertime frost on the crater wall, and dark toned sand dunes on the floor. The picture on the right, from a crater at 39.0S, 166.1W, is one of the highest resolution images obtained from Mars. Its resolution is 1.5 meters (5 feet) per pixel objects the size of school buses can be resolved in the full size image. The gullies in these craters originate at a specific layer and may have formed by release of groundwater to the martian surface in geologically recent times. - SOURCE: MALIN

The Dam

This unusual image is remarkable. Smooth featureless walls, a straight line at the bottom and a strange fan like object on the right. It is interesting to note the large black "river" 9 (seepage) that goes to the center.
Newton Basin in Sirenum Terra #2

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin
42.4S, 158.2W

This "statue" or "face" was brought to our atention by Mike Singh, a member of ATS
posted on 21-3-2007 @ 06:27 AM (ID:3049131)

Naturally it is possible that NASA is correct in calling this one a "rock", but then NASA calls all anomalies rocks. In this case the intestine looking area is supposedly sand dunes according to NASA...

It looks more like some fanciful airbrushing than real sand, but then this IS Mars... The Statue in the center is quite facinating in its Picasso like appearance, yet clearly all the features are there. Many have said it looks like a dog... but in any case, a fasinating anomalie.

Note: this statue is standing, as we are looking at the wall of the crater, not the floor according to Malin.

Both images are available in high resolution here at MALIN

Image Source: MOC E03-02550

The Avant Garde Statue
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