The Enigmas on Mars 27
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Anomaly on Mars:
Mars Global Surveyor 
MOC Image M1101534

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Originally posted by internos; A member of ATS Post ID3670913

Today, I came across these two [images]: probably you've already seen them, but I don't know if these ones have been posted before (I searched the number of the pic, but I've found nothing: they have been taken on Medusae Fossae, which is, imho, an interesting area...

MOC narrow-angle image M11-01534
Dark scarp within Medusae Fossae Material



I have seen many effects of this kind on Mars pics, but at least the first one is really odd: its appearance is almost the one of a spotlight! 


The two clips of the images above are supposed to be the same image strip, yet in the USGS version the'object' is totally blacked out, though the 'spotlight' is more enhanced....

The whole area is flat except for this one area... This looks more like a machine than a rock, and there is 'vapor' coming off the side away from the light... Below is a better close up with labels...


Originally posted by takeastepback, ; A member of ATS Post ID3674462

The anomaly appears to me to be a big piece of industrial equipment.  It looks like a giant machine, possibly for mining, like John Lear has suggested the government mines on the moons.  I really believe that we have been to mars already and have mined it for ore samples.  This picture kinda reaffirms that belief! 

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