The Enigmas on Mars 61
Helmet like Anomaly
Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1526
.Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This anomaly that looks like a discarded helmet is very reflective compared to the surrounding rocks. This item was brought to my attention at ATS, from a link to Skippers Mars Anomaly Research. Looking at his site he gives credit to the discovery to Michael Middleton of Australia. Skippers work on this anomaly can be found here:

The original image posted at the top of the page is available from NASA 2P261833662EFFAY00P2298L7M1

.Credit: (Private Directory)

The anomaly appears in the color version as well as several other shots in the series but the top b&w image has the clearest detail. Other images in the series can be found here: NASA Sol 1526

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