The Enigmas on Mars 62
HiRISE Anomaly
Layers in Uzboi Vallis
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Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona
Originally posted by Wayfarer, A member of ATS Post ID 9946854
I present an interesting object I found while viewing Mars via Google Earth. The coordinates of this object through Google Earth are: 27 24 40.06 S 35 18 30.46 W. You can also view the same image Google Earth has overlayed via the HiRISE webpage, found here

The object in question is what at first glance appears to be a boulder. However, what cought my attention was the length of the shadow.

While the object appears to be roughly 12 feet in diameter, the shadow it casts measures almost 50 feet. While this is neither unusual from an optical standpoint, nor out of the realm of natural phemomena, I would normally consider this merely part of the erosion geography of the area, and move on. However, because the objects sunny side is shielded by the canyon, I can't help but think that the object might be more representative of the shadow. However, since the elevation data for the area isn't accurate enough to tell us just how high the canyon walls are, as well as how much the shadowed area slopes down, it is exceedingly difficult to derive a concrete answer.

As an additional note, there is a unique divet in the top of the object, which is also correlated in the shadow. In either event, natural or anomalous, its a pretty interesting formation.

Credit: Wayfarer
Credit: Wayfarer
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