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Alien Critters On Mars? Check This Out!!!
Posted on 19-3-2007 @ 07:11 AM (ID:3042843)

"Here are some images of suspicious looking ‘things’ on Mars. Are they natural rock structures, ancient machine parts, insect/animal fossils or Mars ‘critters’? Needless to say these small oddly shaped ‘structures’ don’t look like natural rock. So what do you think these are?

Look carefully. There’s more than meets the eye at first glance!! " - Mike Singh

Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 229
The Critter and the Cube
Above is the original image Mike posted. I added the yellow rectangle. Below is the result of a search for this anomaly in NASA Data Banks

It appears in three images in the SPIRIT ROVER collection Sol 29 Panorama Camera 
Image # 2P146694587EFF8600P2402L7M1.JPG
Image # 2P146694689EFF8600P2402L7M1.JPG
Image # 2P146694689EFF8600P2402R1M1.JPG

Below is our clipping from these images...

Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 527
Spanner in the Works?




More Anomalies in Surrounding Images
A very thin, equal thickness plate that most resembles certain types of hardware made from a piece of metal sheeting.

Center Right...


Odd shaped "rings".....


Interesting square blocks, very symetrical...

Lower Left...


This little guy didn't quite make it to cover before the camera got him...
This one is really amazing! You can see right through it! The thin wavey base and the overall shape suggest some piece of machinery.

Just ignore the sleeping Gopher...


Opportunity :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 037
"Of Blue Berries and Snails"
Above is the original image from NASA. At first glance it looks pretty much like all the other images of "Blueberries" taken by the rover...


But looking a little closer we find a really unusual anomaly...

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