The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater
Section Two
Lunar Mine - Another Viewpoint

Posted by SkepticOverlord, on September 18, 2006 at 22:00 GMT

Granted, the violence and kinetic energy of a massive meteor impact can certainly melt rock and cause all manner of formations.

On the other hand, there are some compelling features that have unique parallels. 
If this is a surface mining site, I think it's ancient.

Posted by SkepticOverlord, on September 19, 2006 at 14:28 GMT

To illustrate the point, I've added what should be a reasonable representation of a yellow steam shovel (they're not so little) to the photo at what should be scale.

Here:, The copernicus walls are 11,400 feet at their tallest point... if we assume worst case, I cropped the image to cover the cliff only, and scaled it to 456 pixels, or one pixel for every 25 feet. (The scale is likely off due to the perspective of the photo, but it's close enough for what we're doing here.)

Now if we assign a very generous height of 75 feet to our shovel, it will look something like this: 

Author SkepticOverlord; a member of from, LLP
Lunar Strip Mine in John Lear's Moon Photos??

The Evidence of the Cranes
"Crane 1"

This one is taken from Image #1 in Area "F". It has the appearance of emitting steam or smoke from the back.

"Crane 2"

This one is in Image #2 left of "Seal Rock". It has a shadow of itself including the boom. Area "G"

"The Crane 3A"

This one is in Image #2 on the top left edge of the picture. It has very sharply defined features. This one is the best evidence of machinery so far. First discovered by Zarniwoop a member at ATS

"The Crane 3B"
GRID 5-I-6a

This one is the SAME crane seen from above on Image #5. See below for highlight and locator map.

"The Crane on Earth"
This one is on Earth and is shown here for comparison. This Earth steam shovel is over 70 feet tall.
"Control Valve"
This odd structure is found in Image #1 bottom left corner. It shows a pyramid shaped object with legs and a round top on a tower. There are what appear to be pipes in the background. Click image to enlarge.
"Seal Rock"

This is in Image #2, Area "G", used here as a landmark to find the second "Crane" or shovel

The Evidence of the Cranes
The Smoking Gun
Copernicus #2
Copernicus #5
This is the location of the Crane in Copernicus #2
This is the location of the same Crane in #5
The Anomalies in Area "B" on Copernicus #2
Area "B" on Copernicus #2 Anomaly Locator
Full Untouched Image is Here
This section provides the best evidence on this Image for gases venting from angular objects. Object "J" looks like a flat topped tank or bunker, while "I" has step like features
First discovered by Zarniwoop a member at ATS

The "Mining Camps"

This area in Area "B" has the look of a flattened section with odd shapes on it. You can make out what appear to be tracks. Perhaps this is a mining camp of some sort?


There is a second one in Image #1 Area "G". Again the same square pattern viewed at an angle, but fewer objects in this one.

These next three are actually located outside the crater on the south side. They clearly appear to be landscaped and as these are closer to the camera, you can actually make out rectangular structures. This one has a large single structure in the center.

This one on close inspection shows a sphere on poles and several peaked roof tops. The general impression is a workers camp, while the previous one looks like a factory or similar structure. There is another smaller section off to the left that has a larger structure


This one has several large rectangular structures and at least one clearly defines peaked roof.

"Object "H"

This strange structure looks like a spoked wheel with a tower in the center. In the #5 you can very faintly see a spoked wheel GRID 5L-11b

"The Monument"
GRID 5L-11a

This object is truly amazing when see from above in #5 with sharp angles and shadows. This is one of several areas showing a structure with sharp angles and straight lines and has a remarkable resemblance to Mayan pyramids.

"The Monument"

This is the same object in #2. There appears to be some airbrushing in this area, especially the two long pure black straight shadows next to this object

The Anomalies in Area "B" on Copernicus #5
Area "B" on Copernicus #5 Anomaly Locator
"Venting Area"
GRID 5L-10a

This area corresponds to the venting area in Image #2. Though difficult to see you can trace out the top of object "J" , the step like object "I" and two tank shapes. The order and spacing is consistent with the area on #2

"Odd Spires"
GRID 5L-11b
Very odd shaped towers with shadows. These spires are in the general area of "Object H" in the above images

Hidden "Saucer" on the Moon
"UFO Rock"
Copernicus # 2
On the scale of things in these photos, the above image is most likely a peculiar trick of light and shadow. However the clearly visible bands and classic "Saucer" shape do make it an interesting anomaly to include in this collection. Its size also means that it stands out in the image so the sooner it is identified, the easier it is to eliminate it in a search for the truly significant anomalies, which are actually small.

It is interesting though that such an enigma appears on a photo used in a search for ET evidence on the moon. There is also one we have called "Shuttle Rock". You can see it here on page three.

The Anomalies in Area "D" on Copernicus #2
This set of buildings is best viewed from a distance to see the full effect. They are located on the main ramp heading to the top level. The building on the left is roughly square, with a round 2nd level and a spire in the center. Two rectangular sections can be seen on the right
You can see the right angle walls as one side is in the sunlight, the other angles back in the shade
"The Tunnel"

At the top of the same ramp as the previous structures is the opening of a very large tunnel. There is a clearly defined archway over the opening

"The Tunnel"

Close up of the entrance showing the straight top and the curved arch

"Odd Spheres"

This line of spherical objects is very peculiar and look out of place when you zoom out. They are on the face wall of the cliff

The Anomalies in Area "D" on Copernicus #5
"Tunnel Ridge seen from Above"
GRID 5-M-8
This is the aerial view of the ledge seen in the last set. This area was first located by Ram an ATS Member, but I missed its significance.
Reducing the contrast produces these results. You can see many symmetrical shapes, tanks and the tunnel location becomes apparent. Below is the same image with inserts from #2 matching up the location

The Enigma of the Spheres
Sphere {center} Copernicus # 1
Note: This image also appears in #2 
as the images overlap 

I realize it's a box we're supposed to be looking for... but this is the floating sphere that caught my eye in the Copernicus 1 image 

Author: Worldwatcher; a member of

More Spheres with Shadows

Copernicus # 2 Left of "Box"
Copernicus # 1 Top Center
Copernicus # 2 Upper Left
Copernicus # 4
Copernicus # 1
Possible Crater
Copernicus # 1
Lines connecting the dots
Copernicus # 1
Copernicus # 1
This Sphere was first posted by Xabora an ATS Member

The Enigma of the Shadows

Much has been said about the play of light on the eyes that make shadows appear as something else. Just like people can see strange objects in clouds, so it is with rock faces and shadows. However the shadows included here are the ones that are obvious, and have been captured on film. And odd shadows generally require something to MAKE that shadow. The challenge offered here is to locate the source of these strange shadows...

The "Cross"
Copernicus #5
GRID 5-K-4
Copernicus #1
The first one is the "Cross" which has been used by many as a landmark to compare Copernicus #5 and Copernicus # 1. Copernicus # 5 is an aerial view of #1 to #4. But no one has yet wondered about the source of the "Cross" shadow that is so easily identifiable in both pictures. 

Update: As of Sept. 28, 2006 two ideas have been submitted... 

"Its a meteor strike path that cut this path..."
"Its a landing strip..."
Note; need to find the quotes...

This one has a long thin shadow with no apparent object to cast it. The whole area looks interesting. Left center of Copernicus #1
GRID F-6 to G-6
Copernicus # 5
Slot Machine
"Ball on Pyramid"
Copernicus # 5 Upper Right
Copernicus #2
Copernicus #5
GRID 5N-12
Both these shadows are the same enigma. They are on the right hand side of the second "step" from the bottom. There are other anomalies associates with them that will be covered later. But we can see nothing that makes these unique shadows.
Just for Fun
A Gray at a Vending Machine?
Copernicus # 5 {Rotated}
Just for Fun From Copernicus # 5
"The Butler"
Finds like this make one really wonder if NASA editors are pulling one over on us. After all this Image #5 is supposed to be touched up...

But I really wonder what THIS object is...

This enigma is in Area "H" and will be looked at there.
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