The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies on Lunar Pictures from Lick Observatory
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LICKOBSA January 1946
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Weather report:
No Pictures today on account of clouds...
Though this looks like a thick cloud bank or fog, this picture is most likely showing an explosion. If you look below the bright "flash" area you will see "rays" of debris and dust making "arcs" away from the point of impact, and billowing clouds of dust above and to the right. In either case this image is good evidence for an atmosphere on the moon. The bottom left corner shows the "Little Cloud" described previously.
Anomalies near Mare Crisium
"Malibu Area"

This is a detailed image of the area just below mare Crisium, and area that has been refered to in many old anomaly photos as "Malibu"

Closeup of Structure showing clearly the symmetrical pattern
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