The Enigmas on the Moon
Apollo 17 
AS17-137-20993 through AS17-137-21006HR
AS17-137-20993HR.jpg  Image Credit: NASA/JPL
This enigma was first brought to our attention by Braddman, a member of ATS... thanks for the find!

In searching for the "Data's Head" Anomaly first posted on Enterprise Mission site we encountered difficulty in tracking down the original image. That is because Enterprise has the NASA file number listed as "( NASA Frame AS17-132-21000)"

The actual file number is AS17-137-21000 (a typo I am sure) and the anomalies posted by Hoagland show up in the whole series from AS17-137-20993 to AS17-137-21006

The info from Enterprise Mission is available here. They have a very good presentation on the anomalies that they discovered and enhanced.

The photo above is image AS17-137-20993HR. If you click on the image you will get the original high resolution image from NASA archives. Here is our labeled version showing the location of the Hoagland anomalies as well as several that we discovered. There are many more to find so good luck on the hunt!

AS17-137-20993HR LABELED

Here is our collection of those we found so far. It is important to note that we have not enhanced these clips other than double the size of the clip. They are easy to see without enhancing. We will post enhanced versions later, but for now its better to show these "as they are" for the skeptics among us.

AS17-137-20993HR Anomalies Collection
The "Ring" shows clearly in all images until the camera pans to far away. The head is not yet in the frame. The light changes angle as the camera pans so we get many views, but all show the anomalies
Round disk with perfect hole in it...
Interesting piece... looks like the front end of a spanner...
These three areas are along the top rim on the right. The whole crater gives the impression of something having exploded, scattering metal and odd fragments around the crater... These anomalies are posted in their "as is " state and I will work on getting more detail later.
This one has also been discovered by Hoagland. There are a lot of interesting shapes in here and this is still the un-enhanced version... The clip above comes from AS17-137-21005
This one has been enhanced for gamma and contrast and the image below has been labelled with key features... The clip above comes from AS17-137-21000
This one has also been discovered by Hoagland. There are a lot of interesting shapes in here and this is still the un-enhanced version...
This next image is the second last in the series but I used this one as the F-stop they used gives a clearer working copy... and covers the same area as AS17-132-21000HR... the real image number that Enterprise Mission took their clips from.  AS17-132-21000 also has more color resolution but I will get back to that one when I start enhancing my finds...
AS17-137-21005HR.jpg  Image Credit: NASA/JPL
The photo above is the last of the series showing the area with the anomalies. The original nasa image is available by clicking the photo above. The rest of the series is available at this link. Go and download the originals and check these for yourself. I believe it is much better to point to the source so others can confirm your findings rather than be misleading by not posting sources or allowing typos pointing to the wrong image (there is no reel 132 in the collection that I could find), but that's just me...  Below is the labeled version showing the anomalies including the head in this pan... and following that is our collection of the anomalies we found so far in this image. 

AS17-137-21005HR Labeled

Enterprise Mission Version
The image above is the highlighted and color enhanced version that Enterprise lists as being from AS17-132-21000. Compare this to the series we posted and discover them for yourself. The info from Enterprise Mission is available here.
AS17-137-21005HR Anomalies Collection
Here it is folks, the head that Hoagland has named "Data's Head", in its totally un-retouched version...
This one is the Hoagland "Turkey"...
The Vase... well that was what I first saw... but there is a cube in here too, and the bluish cross like object on top...
The Cube #1... Speaking of cubes... I like this one... it too is a lighter bluish color..
The Cube #2... now THIS one intrigues me... very bluish cube... and little spheres arranged in a pattern...

All these clips are taken from other images than 21000 and from a NASA website.. there are no copyright issues...

So look them over and report your findings!

The hunt has just begun...

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