The Enigmas on the Moon
Apollo 16
This enigma was first brought to our attention by Papajake, a member of ATS and Pegasus Group... thanks for the find! This one is most spectacular indeed.

Though this is a case of 'rediscovery' or perhaps independant observation, credit for first discovery on this anomaly rightly belongs to Keith Laney. In the search for anomalies in old images it is always going to happen that there will be  a cross over of discoveries, but it is our goal at Pegasus to be in the lead giving credit where credit is due... In my opinion that alone goes a long way to establishing both credibility and good rapport with other researchers...

Note from Keith...

"Which is pretty much a cut out copy of this anomaly's original release at my site I discovered it back a several years ago. Yeah- the gear looking thing and the seat back etc.  The guys at photovni did not discover these, they've been freely available at both my old and now new sites for YEARSNotice the similarities."

Machine Parts found on the Moon:

The skeptics are going to be hard pressed to call this one a "trick of light and shadow" or "its just a rock" In the main anomaly detailed below you can see two round cylinders with a serrated but symmetrical edge. One is partially buried. In the second one (B) you can see a very obvious gear on a shaft, with a flat flange or mounting bracket at the top. The overall impression is that of two pieces that belong together, with the gear shaped object being on the inside of the cylinder.

posted by Papajake on 16-3-2007 at 05:50 PM(ATS post id: 3036386)
"I found a French web site that was displaying an anomaly that I had to share here. Hope they don't mind. Here's a link to their web site for credit: 

Here's the anomaly. If this photo doesn't get you thinking, nothing will... "

posted by ArMap on 17-3-2007 at 08:16 AM  (ATS post id: 3037884)
"That does not look like a common rock, it looks like a dirt filled tube."

posted by The Borg on 17-3-2007 at 03:48 AM  (ATS post id: 3037525)

Did I just see what I thought I just saw?
I'm beginning to seriously wonder what things might be going on on the Lunar surface. If we all remember, I was one of the staunchest protestors to this idea some 110 pages ago. Now, I'm not so sure... 

posted by The Borg on 17-3-2007 at 03:54 AM (ATS post id: 3037531)
It's quite possible that that could be the remnants of a previously failed mission to the moon. It may be the crash debris from the craft, if it crashed.
Just some thoughts... TheBorg 

posted by Zorgon on 17-3-2007 at 11:25 AM  (this post)
Now that would be something I would easily accept. And if true it would be simple to verify that... However NASA calls that photo simply "House Rock", a name unusual in itself... but there is no mention of this being debris of another spacecraft.

I think that THIS image might indeed be one that we should send to NASA and ask them what they think it is. 

Second Anomaly Spotted by the French Site
Other than the fact that this looks like a baseball just knocked out a bird... the markings and shape of these two objects is intriguing. But the fact that these curved and round objects are casting rectangular shadows is puzzling
Unusual Shadows
posted by papajake on 17-3-2007 at 12:55 AM (ATS post id: 3037374)

"What really happened to that Babe Ruth homer? It's right here: "
(Note read rest of post at link above)

posted by Zarniwoop on 17-3-2007 at 12:50 AM (ATS post id: 3037363)

"I'm not shadow expert, but (aside from the round objects with square shadows) this looks strange. At the bottom of the pic, the light source looks to be directed straight toward the camera. Then if you pan up, the light seems to be coming from the right side and casting a a left shadow. (below)"

Unusual Rocks
Apollo 16
This image was presented by ArMap, a member of ATS.

The "machine parts" or "cylinder" are very grainy and hard to detail in this image. I would really like to have the original full resolution .tiff file for this one. Isn't it curious that you can get them for some photos, but not the ones of interest to us? Hmmm...

Papajake made a comment about subject matter in the photos...

posted by papajake on 17-3-2007 at 02:15 
"Also, what is the subject matter in the original photo? (AS16-116-18603) If you're going to travel 250,000 miles away from home, you'd sure better have a good subject matter in your lense when taking photos. This photo, at first glance, just looks like a bunch of rocks. But something is very off here, in my opinion."

This is a very important observation. The image at the top of the page certainly looks like the photograph is centered on the anomaly. But in the second image provided by ArMap we have House Rock on the left, the Astronaut on the right, and we are STILL centered on the anomaly, though this version is to grainy to hep us much. 

Clarification: I had originally called the first photo "House Rock", but the anomaly is only near "House Rock", which is the 12 meter high round white rock in the image below.

Rover in Front of House Rock

While looking at the new images, I spotted a curiosity in the helmet reflection that I think is noteworthy...

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