The Enigmas on the Moon
Apollo 8

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The Area in Question
Posted by John Lear at ATS on 11-4-2007 @ 08:37 PM (ID:3108772

Here is a photo taken by Apollo 8 from over the eastern limb of the moon looking generally west. Humboldt is to the bottom left. At the top right of center (green circle) is what appears to be a well lit regular formation with arms at the 5 and 7 o'clock position. The 'arm' at the 7 o'clock position seems to take at least 2 right angles turns: 

Closeup Showing the "Arms"
Here is an enlargement. It certainly isn't round like a crater. It appears rectangular and the 'arms' appear to have spheres, some of them lighted on top. It reminds me of a large city.
There seems to be a lot going on in this photo. To the far right of the center of the photo there is a large structure but it is dark and for the most part unlit. To the left of the center of the photo there are all sorts of objects which remind me of structures.

I am in the process of attempting to see exactly where this huge 'whatever it is' is located exactly. Fortunately it is located on the near side. It also appears to be very near Holden crater. Here is what is interesting about that. Below is a photo of the area, at the center of which I believe the 'whatever it is' is located. Right at the center of the green circle.

And guess what? Look at what else is located right at the center of the green circle. Its that funny little object that appears in one of the Lick Observatory photos of the moon taken in the early 50's. It doesn't look like it is part of the photograph itself. It look like it was pasted on there.

Here is a closeup of what appears to be 'pasted' on this Lick Observatory photo: 
Petavius B

Posted by John Lear at ATS on 12-4-2007 @ 12:32 AM (ID:3109033

I believe I have found the 'city' mentioned in my post above. I think it is Petavius B, which is north north west of Petavius. Here is a Lick Observatory photo of the area: 

This is the Apollo 8 photo of Petavius B: 

In the photo below I have made green lines where the 'arms' (at 5 and 7 o'clock) are in the Apollo 8 photo and a green dashed line where a segment of the arm has been airbrushed out.

Petavius B
Further Enhancements
Closeup of the structure:

The yellow markings show 1) The Structure; 2) Curved row of Spheres. They appear on both images. In the image below area 3) shows parallel rows of spheres and 4) shows tubes with supports;

Close up of Area 3;

Below is the same area of the Lick Photo enhanced with brightness and contrast. The "Arms" show much more structure and detail and definitely do not look like a crater.

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