The Enigmas on the Moon

Sherpa's Discoveries
"The Smoking Plume"
Mission:  Lunar Orbiter 3

First presented by Sherpa , a Member at ATS




In the NEGATIVE View the area below the hill looks even more like a city

Sherpa pointed out that two of the Fudicial Marks (Cross hairs) are over top of the 'smoke column' so what ever it is it is ON THE NEGATIVE before it was scanned and sent back to Earth (The original negative crashed on the moon. See Lunar Orbiter Details Here

Originally posted by ArMaP

I don't know how those fiducial marks were made, I am still searching for it and not founding anything about it, but being white marks they could not have been made by a sheet of glass in front of the camera

"The film is held precisely in place by pressure against a movable glass stage plate that contains reseau marks. Fiducial marks are flashed on the film marking the optical axis at midexposure time. Simultaneously, the time of exposure, to the nearest millisecond, according to the spacecraft clock is recorded on the data block on each frame."


And don't forget that the negatives are MOON DUST now... they never came back to Earth... ( I would love to find those film cans up there :P)

The City




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