The Enigmas on the Moon
Welcome to Farside
Anomalies Found on Apollo Photos

The Images in this section are scanned from books that were published in the early days of the Apollo Missions. Some of the same images are available online, however they show obvious differences. We will provide Book details so if you wish you can find a copy yourself and compare the images to those found on the websites. Both sources are the same... NASA

The first image we will show is taken from NASA publication NASA SP-246
"Lunar Photographs From Apollo 8,10 and 11"
The image below has been reduced from the scan of the original in the book. Below that are the enhanced sections that are of interest to our studies.

Image # AS8-12-2209


This is a photo of the back or far side of the moon. This photo was taken by the Apollo 8 crew and is photo number AS8-12-2209. The very bright rays coming out of the crater Joliot-Curie (top and left) were actually painted on the photo by NASA airbrush artists. The purpose of this was to obscure huge buildings and structures which would otherwise be visible in photographs. Other ways NASA used to hide and obscure structures is to use the color and texture of nearby soil, rocks and boulders and paint the object a similar color and blend the surface in with surrounding terrain. Expert use of contrast combined with the above procedures minimized the chance that the civilization on the moon might be discovered by the general public of the earth.

The dark bottomed crater just below Joliot-Curie crater and slightly to the left is called Lomonosov (the Russian founder of present day natural science, 1711-1765) and is approximately 50 miles in diameter. Keep that in mind as you begin to make out the various buildings and structures in this NASA generated picture.

Also keep in mind the words of Neil Armstrong, the person who was allegedly the first human being to stand on the moon in his address to young scientists attending the White House on the 25th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon: “There are great ideas undiscovered; breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truths protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief.”

Welcome to the Far Side.

- John Lear

There are many interesting anomalies in this photo, but we are going to focus on a few of the easiest to see ones. They are highlighted above, and detailed below.
"Farside Spaceport"
"Farside Spaceport"

This one we named "Farside Spaceport" as Undo from ATS believes the white curved line in the image shows the contrail of a spaceship taking off. If you look at the image above you will see it brightens at the edge of what we think might be a vessel of some type.


"Farside Spaceport"

The important thing is the structures that you see on the left. It is very detailed, The pentagon at the lower left is very symmetrical.

"Farside Spaceport"

The image at the left is the same area viewed as a negative. The pentagon, contrail and the arches of the structure become even more dramatic and visible

A note on the names we assign to the anomalies... The names are created by the people who find them and are based on "what they look like" not what they actually might be. Its a common human trait that is even done by NASA scientists themselves, as in the "blue berries" on Mars - Zorgon
"Launch Pad and Transit Tube"
The image above shows a long curved tube coming out of the rock on the right, increasing in size as it comes closer to the viewer and terminates on the left. The tube supports and joint rings are very prominent in the image. On the left we see what look very similar to the huge exhaust ports seen on NASA launch pads in Florida - Zorgon
"Industrial Complex"
"Farside Industrial Complex"

When you look at this from a distance, and compare it to shots taken of Earth you get a feeling that you are looking at a small town tucked into the mountains. The "industrial complex consists of many structures of various shape and size, but the are all aligned in a block. The area the buildings are in is a flat and VERY rectangular section, seen diamond shaped due to the viewing angle.

On the right is a visible section of a transit tube. On the left is a roadway that we have traced across the image of 2209. I will clip that latter with a tracing. From he higher level on the right with the odd constructs, you can see a string of spheres, or street lights, move down the hill to the complex and curve up.

Some of the landscaping looks very similar to vegetation on Earth. Below I have added two clips from a satellite image of Earth, one a dirt road thru vegetation, that has two groups of spheres, and one is a cross shaped pattern of street lights for comparison.

There are many more details in this area, but I have just pointed out the easiest to spot ones for now.

On the left is a dirt road through trees, and two clusters of lights. On the right is two crossing roads with street lamps. Both these clips are from Cape Kennedy Spaceport taken by satellite and reduced to approximate the scale


"Those Mysterious Spheres"

This group is arranges in a semi- circle



Lots of groups of spheres in this area.

All over the new color images we see spheres over the surface. Many of them appear to be glowing. Now looking back over the old images we have found that the spheres are indeed there. Not only that they are clearly visible even in this small scale, and they form patterns. - Zorgon
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