The Enigmas on the Moon
The Keep
"The Keep" or "Operation Center"

This area is one of the most important finds for several reasons:

  • A) There are a lot of anomalies in this section...
  • B) It shows evidence of an active operation...
  • C) It shows dust, smoke and vapor...
  • D) It is consistent with the mining operation theory...
Click on Image for larger .tiff version

Though this area caught our attention early, it has been a problem getting useful details out of the image without damaging its original content. The distance was one issue, but in this area especially there is a big contrast problem. Also the watermark shows when you zoom in on this area as well, so one has to identify and eliminate anomalies caused by the watermark. Fortunately the mark vanishes when you zoom out, while the anomalies do not. One of the biggest factors obscuring some of the image we did not consider until experimenting with different lighting and colors. Doing that revealed the presence of dust and smoke, which accounts for the areas blocked out and adds to the grainy blurry overall appearance. The up side of this discovery however is awesome for our case, because here we have the evidence that this is {at least was in the 60's} an active operating mine.

Below is a labeled version of the picture showing the details we will cover on this page.

We will now explore this area in detail. I will start with the most obvious and clearest structure...

The Giant Excavator

Based on the scale of this image set, this device would be about 300 feet high. It sits on {behind} the graded slope above the Keep. The lower portion and the grade line at this point is obscured by smoke {detailed later} Using the png file format has allowed me to save better browser visible images of these anomalies and eventually I will replace older pictures.

This is viewing the anomaly with simple enlargement and adding color...
Using .tiff as master and saving in .png for the website gives us this result...
Then simply enlarging the .png gives us this image...

"This does not look like an excavator to me, more like a tunnel boring machine" - Raquel

UPDATE Nov. 22, 2006

The following image is the business end or "forward drive" {vortrieb} of a new tunnel boring machine in Germany. Look at the scaffolding around it and you will get a feel of the size...

The Operating Bucket Wheel Excavator
This device would be about 100 feet tall based on the Keep being a three story building and the assumed depth of the crater. You can see the top portion of the wheel with the center hub and spokes. The lower half is obscured by dust clouds that billow in front and behind the excavator. Pay particular attention to the shadow left by the dust cloud against the wheel. The bright white area to the left of the wheel is most likely vapor {steam?} from the machine based on its vapor like look and the bright reflectiveness of the cloud indicating water vapor, and the fact that the "cloud" is obscuring other features in the background.
This is the unretouched image of the wheel...
Colorized for detail highlight...
Labeled to show details... the "Arches" will be covered further down the page...


The Steam Shovel and Structure
The cross shaped device resembles accurately an Earth bound steam shovel. Behind it is a structure or building of some kind. Bottom right corner is part of the archway system.
This is the unretouched image of the "shovel" and on the right colorized for detail highlight......
Labeled to show details... the "Arches" will be covered further down the page...
Earth based shovel for comparison...
The "Keep" or Operating Center
This is definitely a large multi story building. It sits below the sloped grade on a switch back road visible by a whitish line. Notice that the building sits level in regards to the angles of the grade and the switch back. There is actually a remarkable amount of detail on the building on close examination, some obvious, some you have to look closely. We will attempt to highlight them below. There is also smoke obscuring part of the structure and what appears to be a smoke stack emitting smoke from within the structure.
This is the unretouched image of the keep...
Colorized for detail highlight...
Labeled to show details... Looking at this closely the lighter colored part of the structures with the white roof actually appears to be a separate building behind the black keep. This is based on the fact that the Keep at the left angles back, in other words a corner on the building. There is also a third "lamp pole" on that angle in front of the lighter colored structure. The top edge of the Keep shows little block details, almost like crenalations on a castle wall, {hence the name "Keep"}

There is a smoke stack within the Keep and it is billowing smoke. There is also smoke issuing from something in front of the building. It was this smoke that first caused a little confusion in deciphering what was blocking the giant excavator. To the right of the smoke the structure shows more interesting details. It is hard to tell if this is a separate structure or the building is just hidden by the rising smoke. The "lamp poles" have been named that because that's what they look like, but most likely they are something else. Also notice the direction that the smoke is moving in... oh wait! It can't do that... there is no atmosphere or wind on the Moon...

This thing looks a lot like a prison enclosure... maybe they are using convicts to "break rock" on the Moon now?... - George

The Raised Archway
This is an extremely interesting structure! It is a little difficult to see but look closely for a while and you can make it out. It is to the left and in front of the Keep, and comes in from the direction of the graded slope along the switch back roadway.
This is the unretouched image of the wheel...
Colorized for detail highlight...
Labeled to show details... From the convergence point you can see a single line continuing back towards the grade. Coming towards us it splits off into three distinct lines that curve to the right and show progressively more detail as they get closer. All three show definite arches, the closest one having the best detail. The right side of the one in front is obscured by the "vapor" from an earlier image and also has a black obstruction in the middle, either a shadow or some unseen object. These two obstructions actually help give it a three dimensional appearance.


The Strange Spheres and More Structures
Look closely at this one! It appears to be a floating Sphere above a platform. It is not a crater or hole as the light comes down from the right, so the shadow is on the left. The dark circle "below" it is NOT its shadow {wrong angle}. It is a circle on a square "platform" This object is very symmetrical and stands out. It looks like there are support legs for the platform.
The Platform and Sphere three views... #8
This Structure is to the right of the previous one, still along the switch back roadway... #9
This is further along the road... a tower with a support or cable and other ground structures... #10
This is just on the bend in the roadway past the previous tower... #11
  1. Steam Shovel and Structure
  2. Raised Archway & start of the switch back roadway
  3. Bucket Wheel Excavator in operation
  4. Keep and second structure, the number sits right on the graded slope line
  5. Giant Excavator
  6. Smoke
  7. Either part of the Keep or a separate structure
  8. Sphere and Platform
  9. Structures
  10. Tower and structures
  11. Cross shaped structure
It is interesting to note that all the above structures follow the switch back roadway layout... It is also noteworthy that the white cloud like blotches seem to obscure the roadway and other features...


Update: Nov 29, 2006
The Platform and Sphere...

This is from the area of the Keep in Copernicus #1 

The Platform and Sphere...

This one is from a famous anomaly on Mars. They bear a stricking resemblance to each other

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