Of Angels and Cherubim

The Watcher

This image appeared in a NASA Hubble telescope shot of a Nebula.
The face with the halo of light is easy to spot. Pareidolia? Or is it more than that. You decide

Modern view of Cherubim

One of the interesting things you find when seeking answers in the past is that you first have to decipher current modern interpretations and representations of Ancient truths. Today Cherubim have been stylized to be cute chubby babies, little angels. This completely takes away any possible hint of what they looked like in the past, like in the time of Solomon. So lets have a look and see what they were really like.

We have seen many images and statutes of Ancient Gods and Goddesses from almost every culture that appears with the body of a human and the head of an animal. We have seen others that have a human like head and the body of an animal.

So what did Cherubim look like in Solomon's day?

Gold Cherubim

Copyright Salim George Khalaf, used by permission. 
Web site: Virtual Center for Phoenician Studie

King Hiram of Byblos, on a Cherubim Throne

This bas relief is from his sarcophagus. The Cherubim have been identified as Winged Sphinxes (p. 127. Sabatino Moscati. The Phoenicians. Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri Bompiani, Sonzono, Etas S.p.A. Milan. March 1988). Moscati dates the sarchopagus to the 13th-12th century B.C. that is about 300 years before King Solomon.

Fantasy Angels

he biblical Angels are all MALE but in our Fantasy Collection we will be looking at both the Dark Side and the Light. This is basically a collection of pretty art

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