The Search for Shambhala
Tangmai, Mędog County, Tibet
+30° 7' 60.00", +96° 4' 60.00"
One of the most inaccessible regions of the world
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The Search for Shambhala, National Geographic

Mędog, Gateway to Shambhala
The morning mist and virgin forest in Medog
Tibet  - Rare waterfalls found in Medog
One of the waterfalls in Medog, Tibet. Two passengers are by way of the waterfalls in Medog.
More than 400 waterfalls have been found in the Medog County in Tibet.

Selected From China Tibet Information Center
Black Hawk Helicopter brings modern civilization to Medog
Soldiers are transiting the material from helicopter.

The isolated island on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, Medog is the only county in China which can't be connected with by highroad and it is difficult for Medog people to obtain material from the outside. It is the Black Hawk Helicopter that brings modern civilization to this isolated island and makes Medog people enjoy the fruitful result of the society.

Medog people can't figure out that how many times the helicopter has entered Medog and Medog people don't know how much material the helicopter has carried to Medog. But they are clear that since the helicopter enters Medog, the local people enjoys many "firsts": the first time to benefit from the electric lights, the first time to telephone people outside, the first time to watch TV and...

Due to the Black Hawk Helicopter, Medog people start to enjoy the advanced technology of the outside and the local people show their thanks from heart to it.

Selected From China Tibet Information Center

The aid-Tibet cadre, Xu Xiaozhu (1st, L) from Foshan city, Guangdong province
takes photos for the students of Medog Dagmo Lhoba Nationality elementary school.
Xu is crossing the bridge
Xu is surmounting the snowy Galung La mountain.
The 37 year-old aid-Tibet cadre, Xu Xiaozhu is the vice secretary of Medog, Tibet. He comes from coastal city to Medog to make investigation for four months. During this period, he goes over hills and dales, and pays a lot of visits to the villagers with the total journey of a thousand kilometers.  - Selected From China Tibet Information Center

Inner Mongolia Song - 青海湖 Qinghai Lake


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