Secrets of the Universe
Stars Within 50 Light Years
A map of Suns

This is a map of every star within 50 light years visible with the naked eye from Earth. There are 133 stars marked on this map. Most of these stars are very similar to the Sun and it is probable that there are many Earth-like planets around these stars. There are roughly 1400 star systems within this volume of space containing 2000 stars, so this map only shows the brightest 10% of all the star systems, but most of the fainter stars are red dwarfs. There is also a negative version of this map, which might be easier to print.

A List of Stars within 50 Light Years

This is a list of all the stars marked on the map. This is every star brighter than magnitude 6.5 within 50 light years, so all of these stars can be seen with the naked eye although most of them are quite faint. This list contains every G-type star within 50 light years. The Sun seen from a distance of 50 light years would be a magnitude 5.8 star, so it also would be a faint point of light barely visible with the naked eye.


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