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Giant Stone Balls
Giant Stone Balls

Stone Balls

The natural phenomenon of stone balls are present in Kaknju, Banjaluci, Teočaku, Mostaru, Olovu, Žepču, Gračanici, but for the most part they can be seen in Zavidovici.

In the municipality of Zavidovici to date about 60 stone balls have been found that are located on 11 different sites, with a focus on the following towns: -village Mramorje, then Davulije, elevation above the town and village Grab It was where the best preserved stone tombstones.

No one knows, how old they are and how they occurred. Some are convinced that the globe remains of a meteorite that once fell in this area, and others are quite seriously talking about how the balls are actually the work of some ancient civilizations. Scientists in BiH say that this is a very perplexing natural phenomena resulting after the retreat of glaciers.

They are mostly small in size, but some one meter in diameter and heavy after a few tons. The largest stone balls in Bosnia and Herzegovina diameters are about 1.5 to 2 meters, and come from villages in the Town of Zavidovici. The stone balls that can be seen in the Deep creek, in the words of the older villagers, appeared after a severe storm in 1936. Then, a stream that runs at the end of this swelled, and the water made smaller on the bottom of the ravine appeared stone balls of different sizes, from 0.5 to 1.6 m in diameter.

Today there is a 15-intact stone balls and 20 other half, and is open and Archaeological Park "Bosnian Stone Spheres" at the moment you find the largest Deep creek, 2 km from the center of Zavidovici.

By Elvira Leka

Translated from Bosnian

SOURCE:  Furaj.ba

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