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The above image was posted on Imaginova by John Lenard along with others that follow on this page around the middle of January 2007. Some time later John Lenard posted on but was very evasive about giving us the data needed to relocate these images.  The email is John Lenard's but he has not been returning email.

John Lenard posted these images on a NASA spacecraft forum and simply asked if anyone could identify these spacecraft. John is an amateur Astronomer and has taken images of the International Space Station, so is familiar with that craft. While he was discussing these images at ATS, the NASA forum first removed all traces of his images, then deleted his posts. Reason given when an ATS member inquired as to why, was that the forum does not tolerate anything to do with UFO's...

One of the members at ATS was diligent and managed to capture a cache file of John Lenard's posts... there was no mention of UFO's, he merely wanted them identified. Below is the cache of the original posts... though at this point the images are already gone.

The discussion threads can be found below...

Alleged spacecraft/objects on moon

Did the Space Shuttle dock at the Secret Space Station tonight?

Jan 14, 2007

In the screen capture below you will see the response to John Lenard is still there but none of John's posts remain...

John Lenard Images

The collection of John Lenard images on this page are "as is" as John posted them. There has been no enhancement or retouching. Some images include some clues as to location in the sky. I have sent these to Jack Arneson, one of Pegasus R.C.'s image analysist to study and we will post the results when we have them. Some of the images on this page ARE the ISS, but others clearly are not...

The images are presented as we found them and are not yet in any particular order,,,























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