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John Lenard Walson: Biggest discovery ever?

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Amateur astronomer John Lenard Walson claims to have devised an "apparatus" composed of a common CCD camcorder and a commercial grade telescope that is capable of zooming and focusing in on deep space objects (which appear to the naked eye as regular stars) in such a way, that their shape and structure becomes clearly visible.

In the latest release from independent UFO documentary filmmaker Jose Escamilla, titled simply, "Interstellar", Mr. Escamilla claims to provide half an hour of "live" footage recorded directly through Mr. Walson's contraption. The images are incredible and shocking, to say the least. If the footage is real, this could be the biggest discovery in history. The images show intricate and structured objects of vast proportions, clearly not of naturally occurring origin. Jose and John have taken to calling them "starships". They claim these starships are orbiting earth at varying distances; some in very deep space and others closer than I dare to imagine! I will admit that some of the objects appear to be nebulas or gas formations, but others appear more "intentional" or anomalous to be natural, at least in my opinion. Mr. Walson claims to have received attention from NASA astronomers as well as prestigious universities for his discovery and has stated that he will disclose his technique to the world at large at some point in the near future. The images below are only a tease. Watch the videos!

Link to article on Walson and the film Interstellar:
Interstellar: A Film About Amateur Astronomy And The Search For Extra-terrestrials

Link to official download of the film (Remember there have been issues.):
Interstellar the Movie


YouTube video compilation #1 (Catchy little song!):

YouTube video compilation #2 (First half is shown in negative.):

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