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The Secret Space Station

The image above is taken from one of John Lenard's images. I choose this one because it clearly shows the "pyramid" shaped tops. The reason will become clear shortly. The information and images on this page are taken from a NASA Contractor Report # 181795 that I ordered from NASA...

The Final Report was completed May 1986 to Oct 1988. And the Report was released 1990...

Springer and the rest of you are going to love the name of this space station...

ATSS = Advanced Technology Space Station

The Contractor's Report is 198 pages of Construction Details including I-beam load values etc. We will develop this page in the next few weeks as this document ties in directly to the other research we have amassed in the past few months. For now just let the images do the talking.

ATSS Schematic

ATSS Construction of Rotating Torus


ATSS Solar Dynamic Power Unit

ATSS Telerobotic Assembler
ATSS Fusion Reactor


ATSS Cargo Transport and Support Vehicles



This Shuttle/Cargo configuration (as well as the "heavy lifters") is very important and will be covered in the next section. It is actually the main key or link to our puzzle involving secret space stations and Lunar mining operations... stay tuned... I can only type so fast... 

ATSS Contractor Report Documentation
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John Lear's Moon Pictures on ATS


Revealed for the First Time Color Images of the Moon from Clementine Satellite

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