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Posted by Teratoma at ATS Post ID 4821973

This thing [See Here] is remarkably similar to something I dream about often. Not exactly the same layout, but the thing is that I've been wanting to draw a map of this place that's been in some very bizarre dreams I've had, and this image looks so much like the map I wanted to draw.

It's a large "park" on a hillside. There are winding paths all over the place but a central main road down the middle, lined on both sides by palm trees . At the middle of the hill, it levels off a bit and there is an area on the west side that has a "branch" of the Akkashic "library". A library that looks like a Babylonian temple. I can enter the front of it but the books are off limits to me.

On the east side is a huge temple, surrounded by steps that lead into these shallow pools with fountains. There are lots of people lounging around the steps and bathing in the pools. There are people of all ages, whole families enjoying the water. Many of them are wearing robes, like Krishna type garb.

The eastern edge separated from the temple by the pools is a long single-story row of chambers, connected to each other like classrooms. They have no doors or windows, but somehow I'm inside them, maybe I'm 'phasing' through the walls. The feeling is that of having broken into a school when it wasn't in session. I can't remember what the rooms have in them.

The southeaster corner of the park has a place that 'feels' like a mausoleum. It's in the same position that building is in the picture above, and in my map it would've taken up the same amount of space. I'm not sure it's a mausoleum, but it has statues (only I can't remember what of.) made of gold and onyx. I'm not supposed to be here either.

Interestingly, I've dreamed the park three times and visited the east, then the southeastern, and most recently the west where the library was, respectively. In these dreams I don't really seem to touch the ground much, if at all, it's like I sort of glide and bounce around.

I think I'll draw the map now... 

Dan Tanna


Akashic 'Hall of Records'.
Posted bt Dan Tanna at ATS Post ID 4724931

This thread is for me to share with certain people here on the boards an experience that happend to me the other evening whilst I was relaxing on the bed (cooling off in the fans breeze) with my wife and little one.

We were just gently playing about and talking baby stuff when I started to feel very 'weightless' and really chilled out / relaxed and at ease. I looked past my wifes shoulder and there at the edge of the bed was a being, a humanoid being.

The only way I can describe it is as follows; it was like looking into a multi faceted rainstorm of diamonds. Opaque and yet 'solid', there but yet not there. It was truely the most stunning creature / being I have ever, ever seen.

It 'smiled' at me and bowed gently as if it was a pleasure to be with us in the room, and I just smiled back, and reached out to 'touch' the colours that flew from its every movement.

Then, without any warning as my hand passed through 'into' this creature, I was at once in two places at once.

I was 'on the bed', and yet stood next to this being, this super massive being made of diamonds and light.

I turned around to look at where I was, and words just stopped in my mind. It was an assault on the senses it was so beautiful.

Imagine if you will a hallway 1000 miles long, with the roof out of sight so far above you that clouds drift through the 'room'. Then see that every surface is made of diamond or crystal material that shimmers and acts like a prism or mirror, or both. Its ice blue, like the blue from a frozen sea, tinged with beautiful shades of green and pinks, and yet shimmers as the light plays through each individual diamond surface or being. It really is a room filled in every sense with love and light. It is simply awe inspiringly beautiful and yet so serene even though hundreds of these giant beings walks about its floor.

Light bombards the senses in every direction that you look, and yet, in amongst all of this light, hundreds of these beings moved about in such a serence peacelike manner, moving from surface to surface, watching, looking, never stopping but never looking bored or tired.

It was then i saw that on every single surface was a moving image. Trilluons of images flashed across every surface in the 'hall', including the pillars and ceiling.

Now, the being I was with stooped down and stood me in the palm of its hand, and raised me upwards, upwards towards a part of the pillar where there was a 'shelf' miles above the floor where i had been moments before. I watched my entire life from when i was born, to when I was sat on the bed with my wife. I watched every pain, every hurt, every joy, every happiness and moments even I had passed away as forgotten. I was then shown a view that was near me, but far enough away to see around me. Like a CCTV image, but crystal clear. It watched every thing I ever did, every thing I ever have done.

I was speechless. There in front of me was recorded every single moment of my life so far. Every thing.The life of a flawed human being.

(I looked at this being, and it didn't judge, didn't even seem to watch as I stood staring at 'my' life as it passed across the image. It just accepted it as it was. Just as the others never seemed to judge what was in the records, just content to be there doing what they did, never stopping, and yet they grow / shrink at every surface, never the same size for more than the time it takes to do what ever it is they do at each of these facets, each of these individual records of a life passing by).

Time passed although I am not sure how much (light passed across the hall, so some time must of gone past) and i was at a 'window' in the hall way. I looked at the being stood there next to me (although shrunk in size it still towered way above me) and it just stepped out of the window into a cloud. Just like that, out and gone.

I admit I was scared at this point, but some thing just made me follow it. I was not in a craft, not in a ship of any sort, I was pure light energy as were these beings. They use these 'cloud ships' as a method of gently watching the world pass below it, watching, keeping records, tracking time and space itself, watching those they 'overwatch'.

I asked them why they did this, what was it for, and this being held out its very hand, and its hand was an image just like the walls and pillars of the hall.

In it was a very dark black being, more like those typical grey goblin like aliens. The being showed me an image of a deep and dark cavern with those insectoid 'shukra' alien beings as it called them. It showed me that the 'shukra' despised the light these crystal / diamond beings emitted, almost like an antidote to their 'dark nature' it was explained to me.

We drifted across the sky, over an ocean, past real clouds until i could see stretching out below us was northern scotland, then it was over my city, then my house, then I was 'stood' on the top of my room, and floated to the floor.

I watched as my little one turned and waved at me, but the wife stayed unaware of my presence, but was gently watching my form as it appeared to be 'asleep' on the bed.

As soon as I stood back 'into' myself, I was like 'oh God, that was so beautiful!', but also, I was like ' I have taken a good long hard look at my life, and realise that now I have another path to travel, not the one I planned for, but a very different way has been shown me'.

I will say I am apprehensive, I will even say it causes me consternation.

But the way I was shown is the right way. I just hope I am up to the journey ahead. 

Dan Tanna

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