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Aken Nan Yah wrote:

Thread: The german summerian babilonian anunaki prctice and phylosophy

The annunaki is a very complex topic the are associated with seting up the mystery school anunaki was just a title for a group of elohims in otherwords if you were to see them and call them by that name they would not answer.

The secrets of the third reich

Ron Schmidt wrote:

Great find... saved me a lot of hunting now I know what they were cleaning up in Antarctica  LOL :-)

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

yes  frater thee secret of the third riech was the anunnaki mystical practice and technology. as i  said are also refered to as anakites in the bible

etc read on paralell versr
example ester is ashtar

Anunnaki   the general discription there were major  many different groups of anunnaki
Or eloheems(aliens) were were sent here 

Ron Schmidt wrote:

Okay now that we know the Aliens were here... ruling over us...

Now that we know "Flying Discs" were known in the past, and that the NAZI had them and now the US and the British know about and most likely in 60 years have greatly improved on them...

All this talk about the end of things in 2012... or that THEY are coming back in 2012...

What I want to know is when are we going to get off our collective butts and do something about it? Isn't about time we take control? Do you really want to be a slave when they come back? When the Abyss {= Abzu = Abtu or Abdju = Abydos} opens and they step forth... will we be ready to push them back?

The Stargates are real, just like the Nazi UFO's have been verified. "The Real Reason We Went to War in Iraq"

So we can either spend countless hours in groups, threads and chat rooms debating with those who believe, or arguing with those who don't... but wouldn't the time be better spent preparing!? =-O

Just a thought

The drives for these things were developed by man, the free energy {zero point, cosmic energy, the force...doesn't mattar what you call it} is proven to be there... these things can be demonstrated in home workshops..

Sure the government has the lid on it... this is a good thing in the sense of the dangerous power that could be unleashed in the wrong hands..

But the government has gone to far... and scientists have vanished, been ridiculed and even died... time to speak out and put a stop to it...

Free Energy for all I say! No one will be able to stop us then... Prosperity, Riches, Freedom... Those Saudi's pay no income tax and all drive a Mercedes.. because we are buying their oil... they buy WMD's and war toys... from us... with that oil money from our pockets... so they can make war against us...

Oh well maybe all is well...  maybe our government is just practising so they will be ready for the real battle :-)

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

Basically there is going to be a war for control of the planet physicallly when they present themselves .

A war in the star as nastrodamos calls it or star wars

Because they reptilians and other beings down here do not want to go back to been slaves or 2nd class citizen I Is also writen in different prophecies that certain ET groups will come and Pick up some of there children on earth before the third conflict .thos been will be comming from the oriens and sirus this is also refered to in the bible as the 144,000

Johnny wrote:

Peace has never allowed the Human race to advance. Only war and natural disaster has spurred any real advancement in unity or technology.

We are now advancing toward another world wide polarization and war. This one might just succeed in accomplishing the New World Order. Only when the world can speak as one will we ever be able to fully and publicly acknowledge a "alien'" presence. Then we can be united and work outward from this planet, either as soldiers or as new members of galactic society.


nimbatu71 wrote:

yes there different names and types a of anuna ki (those sent bey an anu in sumeria they were igigi ,the greeks call some NUTEM some african nations called them dinner , the native a merican indians refered to them and there ships as thunderbird

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

The movie was good

But they need to tell you the real secrets.

Alexander the great did not bun all the books that were refered to ,on his conquest in egypt.

Albert Einstin a so called genious had some of these ancient egyption books that were supposed to be burnt and distroyed this is were his real genious ness come from only pass i subject in high school exam think about

Sir issac newton also delved into the ancient rosicrusion mysteries in which the basic principle and experiments to prove the electrical theory were taken from from egypt remember the rosicrusion school is an egyption mystery school based not just on exoteric science but the egyption phylosopy and science which is really an alien civilization

i year ago a light buld was found on in an egyption pyramid it could have been on for thousands

Dani Djinn wrote:

I read something recently which gioes along with this a bit. Not exactly to form but close. Here is a link to Anunnaki and the Coming of the sacred cross
Now on this page are two to the Anunnaki War Plans and another to John the Divine versus the Anunnaki War God....which is about 143 pages long but a very interesting read and it does discribe this battle and how some true light beings will be removed. I can't say I agreewith everything written because I do keep an open mind and study other things like the Mayan, native american culture, Kundalini energy and the third eye concept...but again if one has the patience to read it it is a very interesting read.

magi_oracle wrote:

Yes The book of revelation says there will be men and kindred (otherbeings). and yes they 144000 are star seed the nunaki will pick come of there children before the 3rd word war 144000 not the jesus freeks because there no J in the hebrew alphbet do Gabriels the Anunaki son could not bee called jesus it is yashua .yes there worshiping the sun of an anunaki. read the original scrip of ware the transilation youll see that Gabril impregnated Mariam Whoes bear a child called yeshua bar mariam

also this is true the earth is reptilian controled they never got along with the anunaki since they got thron of the home planet called ...the heavens in the bible.

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

Thread:: Original recordings of Apollo moon missions are missing

the is a video clip on google that shows that the apool mission took place but some of the pictures were taken in a studio

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

Thread: United states uses summerian anunaki code do you know why hmm

The topic is very deep i wonder if you fraters know what you are getting into

lets go deeper
the ancient summerians used the sexa gismal system of  counting  were they starte at 6 a=6 b=12 etc if you d up the word  United stated using this ancient summerian anunaki numeralogy system you get the anunaki code 666
United states =666

Dan Farmer wrote:

And that proves what?


Aken Nan Yah wrote:

It Proves that our founding father were using  anunaki science in the great work wether they new it or not,the science of 666 is  ancient  summerian anunaki sciene it is not really the mark of the beast ,the beast my use it

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

summerian anunaki science was used  by the founding father the 666 magical code which is also called the mak of the beast and  uor founding fathers used it Talismanically in certain magical operation to preserue and protect there interest using  masonic operations to protect a thing the would word it that its numerical value come up to 666. in the masoni system that the  foundind fathers were in they also practice an ancient summerian rite called the pearl of price ,this is a very advance mystical practic that is only practiced in two mystery schools in thge entire world this sumerian anunaki teching is the highest mystery in the lodge

To the sumerians what 666 represents has nothing to do with evil in reprents   an andvantage to those who know ,the tell you its evil to scar you from taping into the benifit also from the power that it represents the pope name was numerically eqivalent to it.

the mark of the beast relates to those who use that power for evil the beast been the reptilians  who is haylal and his desendants, who were cast out of the heavenly planet by Anu because he wanted to take anu,s place the bible call them falling angels.

Mark Jordan wrote:

666 is old news. Recent discoveries point to 616. Ask Google.

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

I am aware  of 616  and the scrept transilation But 666 hs  a solid exoteric science and principle  that has with stood the test of time  and has practically been applied ove and ove  its symbolical geometrys have been found in the ancient temple in north and south ATLAN(america) and in the  dilapidated temples in egypt  and mesopotamia etc  the secret of its operation created competion and perfection  which is 9,
616(6+1+6)=13  the thirteen  operation represents love harmony and unity thewwse are not satanic qualities

the  numbers  express different powers of the creator  who the beaast want to be like .  they do not belong to the beast he steels them and used hem   to his evil ends you can use them to 

nimbatu71 wrote:

yes this is true

the 13 represent love and harmoney seen on the one dollor which is
really a talisman 13 arrows , 13 leaves.,etc 13 stars 13
colones ,all ancient exoteric symbolism and magi -ism that those
founders used

and yes the sumerians operated on base 6 not base 10 base 10 is
the matrix it s not real

60 is 6+0=6

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

Thread: Demons in Alien's Clothing ( the secret of ba) alien contact list

Most popular Aliens interacting with earthing (there children ) currently

Asthar fleet(associated with rahelians)cacus related

Dunakians under earth popula in africa

nommos .popular with the dogan nomo gin live in lk in ug

Procyonians(both black and white skin colortypes)Popular in uganda for impregnation

Reptilians; also called satan or luciferians in the bible ,currently ruling the plant physically as high officials. also refered to as Beast in revelation,they are chiters and can be born in both black and white or chineese bodiesthe first one was
calle haylal,he raped a doughter of Anu so they are clone in other bodies etc.he rebell and was thrown out of the heavens planet dwellers cacus related

Teros; the alien ancesters of chinese people japanees there both black and white types, the genetic eperment to cross certain gene resulted in downs syndrome

The igigi ancient summerian Et

nuteru ; aliens who come to egipt trveled in wing disk ship and ben ben rocket mostly from oriens etc(see ben ben rocket on lunching pad in pharo tomb) still worhip and envoke by certain egyption logenes ,

Gibboreens and Hebru: the aliens of the hebrews come to ethiopian the a shil called the axum. today it stands as a shrine like the ben ben which was also arocket ship and exoteric symbls black elohim

Dani Djinn wrote:

Could I get a link..proof of origin or documentation on this please. I've heard a lot of this Ashtar Galactic Federation stuff going around and I would like a reference to it's main source and don't tell me it was all channeled.

Dan Farmer Wrote:

Asthar Command has been being channeled for years.  I think some claim to have met members of it, but... As usual, and typical for this kind of stuff... No evidence, much less proof.

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

what you guys are doing is very low this is a site were you are free to post feel ,be who you want to be, the forum introduction explanation at the front page express this ,no one has to meet your standard, please you provide any one with any proof of any thing read the forum requirements on the intro page this is a free base forum as it says picking on someone sucks you guys dont rock. contains videos etc

pyramids on venus

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

I got what your saying anyway let move on ,check out tht utopsy sit
and the mars site

very cool

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

video on shaggi elohims

its also very amuzing

blackshadowstallion wrote:

The old Gods - The Pagan Gods - created humanity as a slave race to help complete a mission. Once that mission was complete, the old Gods (Anunnaki), led by Enki, decided to elevate humanity to the level of demi-gods, in control of their own destiny.

Yes, they created mankind to be slaves. But who cares?? If it weren't for them, mankind would nevercome to exist and moreover, they changed their minds and decided that humanity should become as good as it can possibly be.

Other alien beings, however, found this idea repulsive. We were made to be slaves, we are nothing more than a science experiment, we are unworthy. And so, they waged war against the Pagan Gods - the original gods who wished to help humanity, and they won many battles. As a result, they were able to establish FALSE religions which have sucessfully enslaved humanity through false information, lies, magickal curses, bindings, "sin" and punishment, and essentially labeling humans "evil" at the core. We are "born into sin" - it is a sin for a human to even be born. Knowledge is sinful. Darkness (and therefore people with dark skin) are cursed. Gays are cursed. Women are the scum of the Earth and
everything is their fault. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. Our very existence was cursed, our chakras (the centerpieces of the human soul) were bound, and all of our evolutionary, magickal, spiritual ability - which gives life meaning and enables mankind to become more perfect, was all sealed. Obviously, these religions are Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam. These so-called "religions" teach mankind NOTHING in the way of true spirituality and understanding, and through the use of powerful magick, these so-called "religions" have caused mankind to de-evolve over the past few thousands of years.

In the meantime, mankind's creators - the original Gods who wished to elevate humanity, have been framed. The God known as Enki - who created mankind, has been called by the name of Satan for the past few thousands of years. And the Pagan Gods, The Demons.

I, as well as many other people, communicate with Satan and the Demons on a regular basis. They are my gods. They are the REAL Gods. Humanity has suffered because we have been cut off from the truth and from the beings who are willing to give it to us. The Anunnaki who are tremendously wise, powerful, and beautiful are, indeed, Gods in
every sense. I have been attacked by angels for being what I am, but I don't care. You can only tell lies but for so long before they start to crumble...

I am sure people will dispute this, try to justify these false religions' existence, etc. But most of these people have no actual experience with the supernatural. It is only theory they are regurgitating - and what their preacher drilled into their heads as a child. Of course, that's the best way to keep a lie going: force it upon the children while they are too young to question or know better.

The Old Gods are PISSED. This is THEIR planet and the human race is THEIR creation - they look upon us not as a science experiment but as their CHILDREN. The state of human affairs is NOT the fault of the original Gods. They are not the ones who are causing the deterioration of humanity. It is the angels, jesus, and all this other false nonsense that
most of the world pours their psychic energy into every day. They have enslaved the world and of course, most are too blind to see that the human race is paving the way for its own damnation. Jesus doesn't save anyone, you must save your own soul and the beings who created these false religions know that. Satan/Lucifer is the bringer of knowledge- the original sin in Christianity.

And people will dispute that Satan is Enki. They are the same person I have seen many people contact Enki to discover - on their own - that He is Satan, just as I have seen people try and contact Satan to discover that, lo and behold, He is Enki. I know people who have SEEN Satan as well as other Gods - Amon Ra, Zeus, Thoth, Enlil (aka Baelzebub - who originally didn't like humans but now is waging a war to try and protect them)... etc.

In the end, everyone is free to believe as they wish. I just wonder how many people believe what they do based on blind faith alone.

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

General Zard wrote:

Thanks to everyone who has responded. I would like to put this diversion into personal, physical-mental abilities and personalities to 'sleep'. People have personal, physical-mental abilities and a personality, which I tend to ignore. I have personal, physical-mental abilities and a personality, of which, sometimes I approve and sometimes I don't.
Now, back to the Anunnaki. It appears that the 'dark-side' is organized and has an agenda. I find no evidence that the 'good-side' is organized.

My studies indicate that we have probably been the slaves and food source for the Anunnaki. For thousands of years, the human condition has not improved. The revised Mid-Evil Feudal System marches on. Is the earth passing through the plane of the Galaxy, and possible Cosmic Consciousness, and pursuit of the 'Kingdom Within', all that is available ?

I have sat cross legged and searched for the 'Kingdom Within' for many years, and I have achieved very little. I have more proof that there are Anunnaki, and less proof that there is Enlightenment or a personality carry-over into another life. There are many Believers, and many Beliefs, and Promises, Promises, and very little Proof.

Have you got any links ?
See you in the Anunnaki Slave Camp.

General Zard Is An Ancient Taoist
I reject the Super Natural and Beliefs Without Proof

Aken_nan_yah wrote:

> Reptilians; also called satan or luciferians

Ron Schmidt wrote:

Okay now CUT THAT OUT!!! >:o

Reptilians (dragons) have been getting a bad rap for thousands of years in the West...

They do NOT eat Virgins, they like women to read to them...

Remember also that Eve did not think it unusual to be conversing with a snake{winged serpent=dragon}

It is the Christian Church that has formed your belief on who and what is evil...

The same people that brought you the Crusades...
The same people who brought you the Inquisition...
The same people who rampaged across S & C America under the Spanish and the Jesuits...
The same people who's priests today molest children...

Oh and don't forget all the annihilation in the Bible of those who don't believe...

The Chinese and other Orientals have it right... their dragons are long flying serpents... and they bring GOOD LUCK and fortune!! The Egyptians, Sumerian's, Assyrians and Babylonians had it right  Winged Serpents that were the Gods...No wonder the Arabs hate us westerners...

Wake up people  Dragons are Friendly  not evil  You have been deceived!!!
And they really love a good book! Ask any Pagan... :-)

And the serpents around the winged staff... old symbol and modern symbol...representing DNA... the Tree of Life...

Remember the rally flag of our forefathers? "Don't Tread on Me?

Why a serpent? The Rosicrucian/Masons who created this country had it right...

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

Reptilans and dragon were Created by an ancient Dinner or anunaki scientist called Ummu Hudur aka tiamat she designed them as warriors to help her in her war against murduk who was melchizedek at that time (refer: to the enuma elish ,text at nippur etc)they were designed as combat machines ,the ZULU warriors,ans the ninjutsi warrior of kush also called maroons had to go all out and develop special martial art techniques just to overcome them. arts are still
done ritualistically in cerimonies today.(refer ancient zulu warrior records and teching also nots from tim magrega research.) the original prototye were disign to be disagreeable .Haylal bloodline type . they were called satan when they lived on saturn which was callled satan by some primitive tribes.the word saten was also a preynastic egyption word which related to power to shift within./(Referene :dogan teaching of mali)

Dan Farmer wrote:

Time to throw the BS flag. The Oriental Martial Arts were not developed to fight reptilians. Nice try though. d:-P


Aken Nan Yah wrote:

The oriental arts did not orinate in the orient ancient inscriptine in kush show that the teacher budda was from kush lookwhich was ancient nuballa I have givien you reference and I can beet you never look at any why because anything that is said that is not in the main streem to main a deception is trown. this is not a free for all site it is a bias site to maintain a false wood a keep you asleep ,bS wont protect yopu from the truth forever what is hidden in the dark will come to light.You trying to screen and direct the out come of the forum by putting up o flage when a deeper truth might be expose Time is not a court house.I have learnt a lot on this forum I hope you learnt some thing from me too.

I out of this forum.

Dan Farmer wrote:

Dear Aken_Nan_yah,

What validation do you have for the things you are saying in this post? Please don't take this as disrespectful, but some of it is certainly different from things I have learned, and I am still not to old to have my mind changed. LOL!


Ron Schmidt wrote:

Dear Dan...

There are literally thousands of website of varying quality dealing with evidence... where would you like to start?

Sumeria before or after the catastrophe? Egypt?  How about the Stargates through which they will come.

Damn I hope this movie comes out soon so I can see which way the producers are heading  LOL. Don't want to spoil the plot

nure_neteru wrote:

was there a star gate found at abydos?  finally i can go home.

Aken Nan Yah wrote:

so they have found it good, do you have a picture of it or any of
the real ones

only god knows how i ended up on this god forsaken planet.

NOTE: This was the last post by Aken in this thread... 
the rest of the contact was email until he came to Pegasus

blackshadowstallion wrote:

Go back far enough and everything mankind has was given to them by the Gods. Of course, that doesn't mean that man didn't work, invent, and modify things.

Personally, I doubt that humans themselves ever had any contact with reptilians.

In other words, I sort of agree, and sort of don't. Much knowledge has been lost and destroyed over the millenia....

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