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Posted by theRiverGoddess, on July 16, 2008 at 20:18 GMT

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Originally posted by zorgon
I went looking for someone that was experienced and asked if they could slip out and have a look at something for me..Just a hop over to Venus... and tell me what they see, feel or experience...

Well to my shock I was blasted.... it started with "Well if you practice you can do it yourself' then it progressed to "Its really a personal experience... not to be talked about" and then to "You cannot just ask to go somewhere... it just happens"

What this tells me is that despite all their prater... THEY CANNOT DO IT..

I guess I am the one to take this question.

I am not intending to hijack this thread in ANY WAY I am just trying to give Zorgon some information that might help him to understand the nature of OOBE and why it sounds so wishy washy when folks are given a direct challenge.

I talk allot about the OOBE experience on my massive thread here:

Please forgive the ridiculousness of the first page, I am embarrassed by that page but very proud of the richer content found past page one.

I astral travel fully conscious.

I cannot however FORCE myself into this state. I can leave my body ONLY when I am so super relaxed I am close to falling asleep. I hear this amazing throbbing/whooshing sound much like loud wind, and with that sound I can leave my body......This sound comes to me about once or twice a month.

Once out of my body I struggle to go here and there.......when I try to will my direction I just pop back into my body and it is over, and it won't start again.

To remain OUT.....I must be willing to give myself over to wherever fate may take me. Often times I am in the astral plane where other astral beings can see me as well as I can see them. SOMETIMES ...I am in this physical reality and see my own apartment and cat can always SEE me out of body. I almost always can see my body in bed and my room once I get out.

Now.... I cant just up and GO to Venus as that would mean I was trying to control my direction and therefore the experience would end. I can't control when this unusual sound will come upon me so I can not just get OUT whenever I want to...........THERE ARE adepts at OOBE who can get out when they so choose but those people are very FEW and far between. Then once out they may not have any control as to where they end up, just like me..

I want to go to the moon and to Mars but can't get anywhere near them, but I do often fly in space.....I whoosh past the moon going so fast I can't see ANY details......I keep trying to go there but I feel as if I am being repelled.

I CAN get out. I DO get is not a fantasy or fake.
It really happens and it AMAZES me every time..

.......That huge thread I linked is my diary of experiences.
If you ever do read in that thread you will learn quickly that I am NOT the author you should pay the most attention to.
The best Astral travelers on ATS are on that thread giving various techniques, talking about experiences...and attempting to explain WHY our choices are so limited out of body........

I hope this was helpful somehow.

The above account confirms what we have heard from several sources  The Moon is off limits and so is Venus... Remote Viewers and Astral Travelers both tell me this... that they cannot choose to go there. I did get one RV team to try on the moon and another on Venus.. The results are published on another page. I will link them when I have redone them.
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