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Rocks In The Woods At Columcille by kleepet

Columcille Posted By: R-Chan

Columcille by photoplanet2007

Columcille Megalith Park
2155 Fox Gap Rd Bangor, Pennsylvania 18013

Not sure if this has been restored or is still abandoned. Man made spiritual retreat

(Rakotz Brucke)

 -The Optical Illusion of the Devil's Bridge

Rakotzbrücke by Unknown - Source

Rakotzbrücke (aka the Devil’s Bridge) in Rhododendron Park, Kromlau, Saxony, Germany
© Fotoatelier Berlin/Getty Images

Rakotzbrücke(Rakotz Brucke) - the optical illusion of the Devil's bridge by Offthebeatenpath

Devil's Bridge Germany by Gunnar Heilmann
A bridge like this one is pretty rare. Especially the mood on a foggy morning is just perfect to be at this spot. Please don't walk over this bridge, because this one is pretty old and could be destroyed by that and you really don't want to be that person who ruins such an iconic spot for all other photographers!

Rakotzbrücke(Rakotz Brucke) - the optical illusion of the Devil's bridge by Offthebeatenpath

Early morning, Rakotz Bridge (Rakotzbrücke), Germany

Devil’s Bridge straddling the Swiss River Reuss

Die Teufelsbrücke by Karl Blechen
In my featured painting, Teufelsbrücke or Devil’s Bridge painted by the German Romantic artist, Karl Blechen, in 1832.  In the painting we see the Devil’s Bridge straddling the Swiss River Reuss as it passes through the Schöllenen Gorge on its way to Lake Lucerne.   The legend of this particular Devil’s Bridge states that the river was so difficult to cross that a Swiss goat herdsman asked the Devil to make a bridge. The Devil duly appeared, but required that if he should construct the bridge, the soul of the first to cross it would be given to him. The herder agreed, but instead of crossing the bridge first and risk losing his soul he drove a goat across ahead of him, thus tricking the devil.   The Devil was so angry that he had been duped he fetched a rock with the intention of smashing the bridge, but an old woman drew a cross on the rock and this prevented the Devil from being able to lift it.    The rock is still there and, in 1977, 300,000 Swiss Francs were spent to move the 220 ton rock by 127 m in order to make room for the new Gotthard road tunnel. - SOURCE

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Madame Sherri Forest - Chesterfield, NH
The Elder Scrolls ~ The Harp Twins

Madame Sherri Forest, along with stories of castle ruins deep in the New Hampshire woods.
Located in Chesterfield, NH  -  Image Credit: Here

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Entry to Imladris

"The Gate of Gothic" by Sedeptra

Rivendell is a direct translation or calque into English of the Sindarin name Imladris, both meaning "deep valley of the cleft". The name Rivendell is formed by two English elements: "riven" (split, cloven) and "dell" (valley), making the whole word purport "deeply cloven valley". Imladris was also rendered "Karningul" in Westron, the "Common Tongue" of Middle-Earth represented as English in the text of The Lord of the Rings. It is also referred to as The Last Homely House West of the Mountains, alluding to the wilderland that lies beyond the Misty Mountains.
Faerie Portals
Gateway to the Imagination
"The Doorway to the Invisible Must be Visible"
   René Daumal

"La porte de l'invisible doit être visible."  by René Daumal

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