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The Village
Sződliget, Hungary

Photograph by Gabor Dvornik, National Geographic Your Shot

“This little lake is a part of my life,” writes Your Shot member Gabor Dvornik, who lives half a mile from its location on a natural reserve in Sződliget, Hungary. “I shoot here nearly every month, sometimes every week. It has a very special air in every season, but to have a nice, misty day is rare, as wind is always present due to the nearby Duna River.”

Seeing the fog during a last glance outside the night before, Dvornik slept only three hours to make it to the lake for a “dream” shoot. “It was utterly ghostly and very moody out there,” he writes. “I felt like I was in a fantasy tale, in an enchanted land. I was so euphoric that I made around 500 captures and walked around the lake two to three times.”
- Gabor Dvornik

Faerie Tale House
Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House
Eugene, Oregon.

The Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House in Eugene, Oregon.
This is a Victorian mansion dating from 1882 Photograph by Jay Boal

Faerie Tale Hostel
Aescher Hotel
Appenzellerland , Switzerland

Ascher Guesthouse, Switzerland Photograph by Peter Boehi


The Faeries, though now thought of as obscure nature spirits, were at the forefront of Eurasian civilization and included the Pendragons and their cousins the Merovingians. The decline and obscurity of the Fairy race was caused by the Roman Catholic Church who, unlike the now defunct Celtic Church, were the sworn enemies of the Grail or Fairy blood. The Celtic or Druid Church was a priestly variant of the Middle Eastern branch of the Grail race, the Dragon Kings. The word "Church" actually derives from "circa" and the old highland euphemism for going to the Kirk was "going to the stones", meaning stone circle.

The Messiaship, the ruler ship of the Christian Church was invested in Jesus as the appointed son and rabbi and was intended, like Dragon Kingship, to descend in his bloodline. This it did through the Merovingian Kings and the Celtic Church. In Britain, Jesus' granddaughter married the Arch druid Bran the Blessed, cementing a blood alliance between the Dragon and the Grail branches of the one greater royal family, guided and protected by the Druid Priests of the Celtic Church and the indigenous Druids of Britain.

For reasons outlined in other works, Jesus' other brother James attracted a following consisting of Paul of Tarsus and Peter the Fisherman. This faction settled in Rome with Paul and established itself eventually as the Roman Catholic Church. However, as Vatican records show, Prince Linus of Britain was descended from Jesus, and therefore was the First Bishop of the Christian Church following [by descent] Christ himself.

Nevertheless, since then, the Roman heresy, the Catholic Church of the Dogma and not the Blood, vied for ascendance. After its final victory in 644 AD at the Council of Whitby, it did everything in its power to steal authority and leadership from the rightful bloodline descendants who held it. As part of this process in Europe, agreements were made with the Mayors of the Palaces, and the Merovingians were either murdered or incarcerated as the Roman Church established these Mayors, the Carolingians, under them as puppet kings.
After the Dark Ages the Roman Church became a ubiquitous and brutal power which attempted the utter destruction of the true Kings. Because of this relentless campaign, as the centuries have progressed we have been left to think of the Fairies as the Roman Church would wish us to think of them, as being anything other than what they really were.

SOURCE -  The Dragon Legacy by Nicholas de Vere, pp 106 & 107

Faerie Tale House
Tree House in the Forest

Photoshop Contest Art by inspektor
Faerie Tale Cave House
The Rock Cottage
Wolverley, Worcestershire, England

The Rock Cottage embedded in a sandstone cliff is located on five acres of woodlands and gardens in Wolverley,
Worcestershire, England. It was built back in the 1770s and consists of three adjoining caves.” – Eric Token

Faerie Tale House
Blaise Rustic Cottage, UK

Blaise Rustic Cottage, UK - By Best of European Union
Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel
Pine Mountain, Ga.

Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel - Pine Mountain, Ga. - Image: Matt Forbes

Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel - Pine Mountain, Ga. - Image: Gallaway Gardens
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