Secrets of Levitation
Levitation Treated as Witchcraft
A child levitating in front of witnesses due to the influence of witchcraft. This woodcut illustration appears in the lower left corner of a frontispiece page of the book "Saducismus Triumphatus" authored by Joseph Glanvill and first published in 1681 in London. It is over 425 years old, making it suitable for use as a public domain image in every country.

Glanvill, Joseph, 1636-1680. [The first part]. From Saducismus triumphatus: or, Full and plain evidence concerning witches and apparitions. In two parts. The first treating of their possibility. The second of their real existence. [London: Printed by T. Newcomb, for S. Lownds, 1682. In Annenberg Rare Book and Manuscript Library. BF1581 .A2 1682. 

SOURCE: Dewey Library

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