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The very questions of human existence - origin, purpose and aim, and the circle of life and death -
have occupied thinking minds since the awakening of self consciousness. Philosophers, scientists, religious mystics and artists have given varying answers at different points of history. Yet, the mystery prevails, and seems out of reach, or even of interest, to common man, preoccupied with matters of daily survival and material world. Coming out of this everyday routine, in her book, The Star Traveler, Anne Pajuluoma boldly presents her own stand on these basic questions. She takes gigantic steps from the Earth to the Universe, to Stars, to her real Home, and strikes the reader with most vivid descriptions of her experiences in spheres, which first seem
unreal and imagined, but which towards the end of the book convincingly become the realms of our very souls and origins.

Particularly in our modern western societies we are taught to believe only in what we see and what
natural sciences explain as clear concrete facts. Spiritual, deeply religious and extrasensory knowledge is generally disregarded and undervalued as irrational. But a change is predictably coming, and - no doubt - Anne Pajuluoma is one of its heralding personifications. The Star Traveler takes us to the cosmic "other" world, which the ancient civilizations seemed to have been
aware of, which non-western cultures more or less silently continuously believe in, and of which new signs are appearing.

The Star Traveler is an exceptional literary work. It transcends times and spaces, it embraces religion, philosophy, and metaphysics, as well as technology, psychology and cosmic poetics.
Anne Pajuluoma is an exceptional writer. She is able to interpret in a clear way the knowledge she has acquired from persons whom she has met during her cosmic space travels. The dialogue is full of evidence of contacts, of sympathy and wisdom. She expresses her comprehension of cultures, her visions of essential truth, good and beauty in an original, lovingly artistic way.

The book has a Message from the Space to people on the Earth. Even the most sceptical scientist should not turn his ear to this Message, there is more beyond our lives than the rational
actuality, and understanding a bit more of it can increase much our earthly happiness and peace.

I am writing this in Kyoto, Japan, and have just seen an exhibition of about 1000 years old paintings, which are full of Heavenly figures ascending or descending the Space, surrounded by beauty and beams of light. The images are esoteric and metaphorical, but for a Japanese philosopher these religo-artistic expressions were manifestations and messages, at their time, of the absolute great nothingness, the profoundest origin of all, which was far, and beyond common
intellect. And he adds that at the turn of the next millenium we may again, in a different way, new
comprehension of it.

After having read Anne Pajuluoma´s THE STAR TRAVELER one knows what she means.

Kyoto, October 1998.

Sonja Servomaa, Dr.
Researcher on comparative and transcultural philosophy of art.



Path to the Quay´s House, Polku Quayn talolle, Veli Granö
Published on Jan 27, 2014
This film is based on the Anne Pajuluoma´s story. She told me how she met first time the holy man Quay. Quay is living on the mountain on planet Sirius. In film you can see her trip to the Quays house and at the same time she is telling about this fantastic trip. The film is silent. It is 400 feet long and duration is about 10 minutes. This film is like Anne´s path to the Quays house. Also the film have it´s length and the duration. In the installation version Tähteläinen/Star dweller it was set on the wall like the shape of this mountain. Anne died 9th of Dec 2013


Meet You in Finland Angel, Tähteläiset, by Veli Granö, excerpt
Published on Jan 28, 2014
Excerpt from the movie. Meet You in Finland Angel, excerpt from the documentary film by Veli Granö. Tähteläiset, "star people", believe that they're descended from another planet. One or both of their parents might be visitors from space. Some of the star people are residents of far-away planets who have moved to Earth. Many of the star people do not know their origins, but it is estimated (according to the New Age press) that there are as many as tens of thousands on our planet.

Author Anne Pajuluoma and artist Jarmo Ylänen from Helsinki do not lead an ordinary life. Their life, harsh and materially meagre, is surrounded by a world of miracles. They miss their lost daughter, who is growing up on the planet Sirius C, unexpected visitors from other planets protect their everyday life and Jarmo paint his powerful paintings in collaboration with van Gogh.

Tähteläiset - Meet you in Finland Angel, is made up of alternating narrative and fictional scenes. Using narration to present a reality that comes across as quite incredible required fictional sequences in the film. It contains acted and staged scenes in addition to a construction of the main character Anne's visit to the planet Sirius -C as she described it.
documentary film, 35mins, 35mm colour/b&w/dolby digital 5.1/1:1,85
the story of Anne Pajuluoma and Jarmo Ylänen
little Mira: Wilhelmina Fröberg
angel, UFO --drawings: Kai Sjögren
costumes: Sanna Pyykkö
scale model: Kari Juusonen, Erja Helander
3D-artist, digital compositor: Henry Pulla
music: Jeff Greinke, Pierre Favre, And the Lefthanded, W.A. Mozart


Tähteläiset – Meet You in Finland Angel

Tähteläiset – Meet You in Finland Angel - 2003

Documentary film, 35 min, dolby digital, 35 mm film, dvd video
first exhibited at Artspace Visual Arts Center - Sydney - Australia 2003
Group exhibition "Emphaty" - curated by Marketta Seppälähe characters


The Characters

Writer Anne Pajuluoma and the artist Jarmo Ylänen of Helsinki do not lead quite a normal life. Their existence, frugal and meagre in material terms, is surrounded by a world of miracle. Their daughter, lost and sorely missed, is growing up on the planet Sirius, and their everyday life is secured  by unexpected interplanetary visitors. Anne likes to stay at home spending her time writing poems, remembering a few visits to Sirius and looking after Jarmo, whose health  has been eroded by work...

On the means of the film

“Star Dwellers” is based on a dialogue of documentary and fictive scenes. The documentary video material (mini DV) presents the everyday life of the leading characters, while the 16mm black-and-white film material expands documentary reality towards the imaginary world of the characters. The film also contains 35mm footage in colour. The alternation of different film and video materials establishes visual layers in the film that seek to interpret the different levels of reality experienced by the characters and the lack of any boundaries when moving between them.

The use of documentary expression, here to present a reality appearing to be almost incredible, required the inclusion of fictive sequences. The film contains acted and staged scenes, and also a reconstruction of Anne’s visit to the planet Sirius C as told by her...

The film is partly based on the poetry anthologies of Anne Pajuluoma and her novels:
Tyttö Siriuksella (Girl on Sirius, 1975)
ja Tähtimatkaaja (Star Traveller, 1997).
Premiere, DocPoint-festival, Helsinki 2003

SOURCE: http://koti.welho.com/thippel2/meetyoupho.htm

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