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"Flares" --- 耀斑

Recently I was wholly captured by footage showing close ups of solar flares. I then set out to edit the material (only a few seconds) to this 3 minute clip. It includes a TRACE rendering of an unusual solar flare observed on April 21, 2002 (near 1'30"). All materials used here are in the public domain, as the data (see have been provided by projects labelling their imagery as freely distributable for noncommercial purposes. enjoy. From liyongqiang

In the Sun by Dan Tanna MP3

Hinode Images of the Solar Atmosphere

After its launch on 22nd September 2006, the Hinode spacecraft is working successfully. These images showing dynamic phenomena of the Sun's atmosphere demonstrate the high performance of the three telescopes on Hinode. One of the highlights is a dynamic eruption above a sunspot seen in the Ca II H spectral line, which was first discovered by the Solar Optical Telescope (SOT). 27th November 2006.

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