Secret Space Program
Project Redsun
Project Redsun:
NASA Already Went to Mars Without Telling Us
by Disclose TV

Carl Sagan in front of the Viking lander somewhere in Death Valley, Ca

We have all heard about a project to Mars, it has been all over the news. The project is to send a group of well-versed individuals to the red planet to cultivate it.

It was known going into the project that this would be a one-way trip given how long it would take to get there. Still, thousands signed up and NASA was left to start narrowing the field as to who would actually be the ones chosen to take this first known trip from the earth to mars by any individual. But what if it turned out this wasn't the first time NASA actually went to Mars? What if it happened before only we weren't told about it?

Turns out there are sources that have surfaced online who believe that NASA has sent individuals to Mars before this well hyped and publicized project. The fascination that NASA has with Mars goes back as far as the beginning of the space program, which is really no surprise. After all, wouldn't they start to wonder about the fourth planet the one closest to the earth after having visited the moon? So, it would stand to reason that Mars would be their next destination.

So, a project that many refer to as Project Redsun was created. This project was to send a group of astronauts to the red planet and was actually developed back in the seventies. So, was the project actually successful and did the astronauts make it? Wel, there is proof online that has surfaced, video footage of stuff that could have been found by those who went to Mars all those years ago. But the videos have met with much scrutiny. But then when we stop to think about it so has the moon mission hasn't it.

The irony, though, although NASA continues to stand behind the moon mission they won't admit that there was a mission to Mars. Even the general public has had a hard time accepting that such a mission was possible since it apparently took place back in the early seventies, which means technology wasn't as advanced s it is now and we still aren't at the level of the Science Fiction series Star Trek.

But in 2011 a UFO researcher and Journalist by the name of Luca Scantamburlo uncovered what they believed to be more proof this Redsun Project did take place and was quoted as saying at a press conference:

"I introduce to you a press-release testimony I have written to discuss the presumed existence of a hush-hush military space program called “Project Redsun”, carried out in the 70s of the last century to build a stationary base on Mars, the Red Planet. My source of information – named by me ‘bravoxsierra24’ – had contacted me by email. It is possible to reproduce the pages of the press release, and the picture here presented as well."
So, if it did happen why is NASA covering it up? Exactly what did they find there at that time? Could this be the reason why so many probes have been sent there since this time? Did NASA find something there they felt the public would be alarmed by, and now they want to know if the threat still exist? Did they find an alien base and proof that there was life on Mars? We know that according to the probes sent there, apparently there is no life on Mars at least not any longer, but what about say fifty or sixty years ago. Could the fact that NASA found no apparent signs of life thanks to the probes be the reason why they now feel they can go ahead with the colonization project? Yes, maybe this is all a hoax, but the proof is out there, online that is, for those of you who want to look at it further for yourselves.

SOURCE and CREDIT: Disclose TV


Published on Jun 30, 2012 by John Moonwalker
This is a 16mm footage collection of ISV Columbus. This is not for public distribution and it's used by NASA and Air Force during classified meetings about Red Sun Project missions.The entire footage lasts about 40 minutes. This one was the 2nd manned mission to Mars and took place on August 28 1973.
Astronauts were:
Elliot See Commander
William.B.Rutledge Pilot
Vladimir Ilyushin

Buzz Aldrin
The Monolith on Phobos, Moon of Mars

Into Mars Orbit by TFH - CGI - 2D

Published on Jul 16, 2009 by TheFakingHoaxer
I made this video with real photographs and the only true real footage is of the crew from the Apollo missions. Everything else is cgi with photo's. I could add a lot more into it, but I'm working on other stuff too. :-)

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