Antarctic Research Stations

Davis Station
68 34' 34.62" S 77 58' 9.29" E
Photo Credit: Ken Dietz Google Earth

6834'38'S 7758'21'EDavis is a key location in the network of Australian Antarctic research stations and supports the largest population of scientists during the summer season. The value of the station to science is derived from several factors including the role of Davis as a staging base for scientific activity elsewhere in the region (including the Larsemann Hills, the Prince Charles Mountains, the Amery Ice Shelf and the polar ice cap in general) and for the conduct of scientific activity within the nearer environment of the station itself, notably the Vestfold Hills and the Rauer Islands. During the summer season (which normally commences in October and runs until early April) Davis is the base for helicopters which deploy personnel and equipment to remote areas and to the less accessible areas of the Vestfold Hills, undertake aerial surveys and the transfer of personnel between Davis, Mawson and Casey. These aircraft also undertake ship to shore logistic operations.

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