The Evidence
Colored Contrails

Two Planes with Vapor Trails Belgium

Google Earth captures these two 'contrails' One is pink, the other blue...

Paul McCartney has weather "fixed."
Does this not mean the government can do the same thing? 

McCartney concert bosses 'fix' the weather

21/06/2004 - 10:30:06 AM Organisers of Paul McCartney's historic 3,000th gig made sure the event in St Petersburg went off without a hitch last night - by fixing the weather.

Organisers of Paul McCartney's historic 3,000th gig made sure the event in St Petersburg went off without a hitch last night - by fixing the weather.

Weather reports in the country had predicted the concert would be a wash-out thanks to heavy rain due to hit the city the same time as singer McCartney.

So concert bosses spent an incredible $36,000 (€29,800) to hire three jets to spray dry ice on the clouds gathering above the city to prevent a downpour spoiling proceedings for the 100,000 fans.

The 61-year-old singer was very impressed with their efforts.

A source said: "He thought it was a fantastic idea. The dry ice helps hold the water within the clouds."

Turquoise "water vapour" ?

British Airways Boeing 747-436 In Flight International Airspace, June 7, 2003

Josef P. Willems @
G-**** Speedbird 106 Dubai-Heathrow, leaving some powerful contrails.
Normal Contrails ?

KLM Cargo Boeing 747-206B(SF/SUD)
In Flight International Airspace, May 21, 2002

Josef P. Willems @
PH-BUI (cn 21111/276) KLM Flight 9165 from Amsterdam to Dubai, cruising at FL350, seen from 1000 ft above. Maybe the largest trails I've ever seen... This B747, named 'Wilbur Wright', will be replaced December this year by a 747-400ER freighter

Pakistan International Airlines - PIA Boeing 747-367
 In Flight Kazakhstan, March 2003

TriplET @
AP-B** In a left turn over Uralsk at 9.600 meters to join the airway to Moscow on her way to Manchester,
she shows an enormous contrail, shortly after sunrise, 500 meters below us.
Rainbow Contrails ?

Virgin Atlantic Airways - Airbus A340-642 aircraft

Jeffwell @
G-VBLU (cn 723) Look! I have dreamt for months to spot this gorgeous scene that a Virgin Airbus with a rainbow contrail. Photo was taking while descending from 9000m to 8100m when she was climbing to 9600m on opposite direction & nearing route point PIMOL. Many thanks to Photographer Zhangzongli for his help.
Wing Tip Vortex Creating Clouds

Russia - Air Force - Sukhoi Su-27UB

Nick Shtremel @
Russian Knights + Strizhi (Swifts). MAKS 2007.
Contrails at Sunset Over the Ocean

Air France Airbus A340-3...

TriplET @
F-**** AFR 322 to BOS. Sunset at mid-ocean.
Beware the Cloud Monster

Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-412F/SCD

Daniel Alaerts - AirTeamImages @
9V-SFD (cn 26553/1069) What a scary and ghostly wake turbulence that heavy left behind!
Rare Rainbow Contrail

Jet Airways Boeing 777-35R/ER, Germany, July 10, 2008

Karol Staniec @
There is no digital manipulation! This is very rare rainbow effect on contrail!
Eyes of the Vortex

Iberia Airbus A340-642, Costa Rica, October 26, 2008

Fabricio Jiménez @
EC-JNQ (cn 727) Many people gather at La Candela Restaurant and the vicinities of the airport to see this big
bird land on the weekends, but nobody was ready for what happened this time. What a show.
Fiery Contrail at Sunset

Boeing 747-4, USA - Illinois, October 1, 2008

Ivan Voukadinov - BGspotters @
There is that couple of minutes where the sun has set, but clouds up high still get light.
In this case it becomes a fiery contrail from a 747.
Iridescent Contrail

Emirates Boeing 777-31H/ER, India, July 3, 2007

Bailey - AirTeamImages @
With the sun behind light is refracted through the Emirates B77W contrail resulting in the multitude of colours.
Chemtrail and Contrail Photo Collections
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