Skaggs Island, near Vallejo, California
NSGA Skaggs Island
CDAA Assumed removed Decomissioned 18 June 1993
The Only Thing Left
Scaggs Island VORTAC
By PilotMike

Identifier: SGD Type: VORTAC Class: L-VORTACW Frequency: 112.10 Voice: no Morse ID: ... --. -.. Elev: 10ft. Used mainly for enroute tranistions and approaches.

Skaggs Island FRD-10
By BillRobinson

Here are the locations of the 16 AN/FRD-10 high-frequency direction-finding arrays built by the United States and Canada during the 1960s and 1970s. These 16 stations, along with a number of Pusher HFDF arrays, comprised the US Naval Security Group's BULLSEYE HFDF net. 

FRD-10s were constructed at

* Adak, Alaska
* Edzell, Scotland
* Galeta Island, Panama
* Gander, Newfoundland, Canada
* Guam
* Hanza, Okinawa
* Homestead, Florida
* Imperial Beach, California
* Marietta, Washington
* Masset, British Columbia, Canada
* Northwest, Virginia
* Rota, Spain
* Sebana Seca, Puerto Rico
* Skaggs Island, California
* Wahiawa, Hawaii
* Winter Harbor, Maine

(Another two FRD-10s were built at Sugar Grove, West Virginia, but they were used for communications rather than HFDF and so are not included in this list.)

The NSG FRD-10s were closed down during the 1990s, and most have since been dismantled, although some of the dismantled ones are still visible in older photos. Only the Canadian sites (Gander and Masset) remain in operation; both are remotely operated from Leitrim, Ontario.

I've written more about the FRD-10s on my SIGINT blog.

FRD-10 HFDF arrays - 18 Messages

"In my official status, I cannot comment on ET contact. However, personally, I can assure you, we are not alone!
--Charles J. Camarda (Ph.D.)
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