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16 October 2008 
The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America, James Bamford, 2008. p. 1: 

In northern Georgia near the South Carolina border, a few miles from Leburda's Grits N' Gravy and the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, one of the most secret facilities in the world is undergoing a major expansion. When completed, it will likely be the largest eavesdropping facility every created, employing more than four thousand civilian and military "voice interceptors" and other specialists. Run by the ultra-secret National Security Agency, it is where the agency eavesdrops on the Middle East and Northern Africa, thousands of miles away. Inside, behind barbed-wire fences, heavily armed guards, and cipher-locked doors, earphone-clad men and women secretly listen in as al-Qaeda members chat on cell phones along the Afghan border, and to insurgents planning attacks in Iraq. The also target and record American citizens in that region, including businesspeople, journalists, and Red Cross workers, as they engage in intimate conversations with their spouses back home and discuss confidential matters and business deals. "A lot of the time you could tell they were calling their families," said one of the NSA intercept operators who listened in on Americans, "incredibly initimate, personal conversations . . . Basically all rules were thrown out the window, and they would use any excuse to justify a waiver to spy on Americans." 


From: Corey Pein <cpein[at]>
Subject: Re: Fort Gordon NSA
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 11:02:11 -0700
To: John Young <jya[at]> 

I think the leakers are telling the truth, but no one was listening until now. Jibes with the word around Fort Gordon. As for the location of the new facility, I just spent 15 minutes on Google Maps, trying to retrace the steps I took getting to the public "groundbreaking." In any event, I believe there are roads on base that are not visible on the map. You might have someone skilled at such things analyze whether the satellite shots of the woods around here have been manipulated. 

Range Rd & 25th St Augusta, GA 30905

On Oct 10, 2008, at 2:05 PM, John Young wrote: 

What is your take on Bamford's account of the two NSA leakers at Fort Gordon? Did you get any feelers from such folks? As you probably read the NY Times reports today that one of them has been telling her story for a while.  I cannot locate the site of the new NSA facility on aerial photos which should show either construction or the finished structure. Do you know where it is located? Some say it is underground like that at Kunia, HI. If so, then the rendering you published  might have been disinfo.


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